Lazarus: SoberMature

I was... kinda shocked by her reaction, in all honesty. There was me expecting her to thank me for not having to hunt anyone again and all I got was her yelling at me. Oh and being a pretty scary ass vampire.

I’d thrown the open bag in the bin and I could smell it even though the lid was shut. I dragged it outside and shut the door behind me, hoping that the air inside would clear a little. It wasn’t really working, so I opened a window too.

“What’re you doing?” she asked me, watching absently.

"It stinks of blood in here and that upset you so I'm trying to make it not smell of blood," I mumbled, smelling the air begin to clear a little. She let out a sigh and thanked me with a nod. "What did you come over to ask?"

"If you remembered something..." she walked into the living room, settling down on one of the sofas. I flopped down onto the one opposite it, curling up and resisting the urge to reach for the bottle of whiskey on the floor next to it. I’m not an alcoholic, so there was no way I was going to make her think I am any more than she already does.

"Remember what?" I questioned, pulling a cushion under my head.

"A little girl about 300 years ago, tea-stained dress, gave you a flower... cried when her father pulled her away from you," she shrugged, and I frowned, trying to think that far back. “It’s okay if you can’t,” she murmured, “just curious.”

“Why did she cry?” I asked. I didn’t exactly get many flowers from many girls in tea stained dresses, but I couldn’t really remember, but it sort of rang a bell.

"Her father was taking her away, back to the house she was never allowed to leave... you were so nice to her."

“It rings a bell, but I don’t really remember it. Sorry.”

"It's fine... you do sort of remember though," she smiled. I nodded. "I knew, I knew you before," she sort of mumbled.

“That was you?"

She grinned, nodding. "You wouldn't recognise me, I was human then could you believe it.” I flashed her a smile. "That's all I came to ask you about..."

"You can stay if you want. I was only watching TV," I suggested to the grumbles of Bane.

"I don't know if I should... if I do... you're not allowed to drink."

"Why not?"

"I want to see if you can go without drinking."

"'Course I can," I told her defiantly.

"Good, prove it." I picked up the bottle on the floor and threw it at her. She caught it deftly, putting it down next to her. “Thank you.” I asked her if she wanted to choose what we watched, but the choice was left to me. I had no idea what she liked so I put on a comedy and settled back down on the sofa. I tried to ignore that she was watching me more than the film.

I started feeling kinda restless after a while and when I noticed she was looking at the floor instead of me, I felt something in my head snap a little bit. I excused myself, telling her I needed to use the bathroom. She waited for me downstairs while I padded into my bedroom, pulling out one of the bottles from under my bed.

After a while I came back down, feeling Melissa’s eyes flick over to me. “You okay?”

“Just felt kinda sick,” I muttered. She sniffed the air.



"Nothing," she handed me the bottle she’d taken from me. "Don't sneak around like I won't notice." I took it with a sigh. I guess there was no point trying to hide from her that I’d had a few drinks then. It gets harder and harder to fool people, doesn’t it? "Still not an alcoholic?"

"So I had a quick drink on the sly, doesn't make me a boozer,” I grumbled. She let out a sigh of her own.

"Lazarus... oh never mind," she got up. "I'm going home."

"Why? Because I enjoy a few drinks?"

"Because you fail to see how bad it is, because, maybe I just want to prove Bane right. Maybe, my patience is strong enough." She started walking, but I didn’t follow her. I wasn’t in the mood. I had a headache and she’d already had a go at me once already.

"How is it bad? It's not bad at all," I yelled after her.

"Talk to me when you're fucking SOBER,” she shouted back.

"I AM sober!" she ignored me. “I am fucking sober!” I screamed at her, but there was no reply. 

The End

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