Lazarus: DangerousMature

Bane, you really are a pain in the ass. I want to keep Melissa on my side not piss her off. Even if she tells me to fuck off, I don’t want to bring another vampire down on myself, okay? And I’m pretty sure she meant it when she said she loved me, in case you were listening. Not heard that in a while, not sincerely anyway. I waited for Bane to reply. I knew he was listening to me. It was the middle of the day, nice and sunny, a light breeze rustling through the forest leaves. I was sat in the woodland behind my house. There was this tree in the woodland behind Gabriel’s house, it might even be there still. I found myself looking for it earlier on when Melissa went to bed. I’d thought since the house was so similar to Gabriel’s, down to the stone benches in the grounds and the flower beds, I thought maybe the woodland around it might be too. I didn’t find the tree I wanted, though, in case you care.

I was sat in a different one, a big beech tree, a bottle of... something in my hand. I’d given up caring what I drank. As long as it stopped the world from spinning under my feet, I didn’t care. Hanging out with Melissa for ages, it was fun and I liked her, but there wasn’t nearly enough alcohol in my veins anymore. I walked outside and could’ve sworn that my sister Annie had waved at me from down the road. And Annie’s been dead for as long as I have.


Lazarus, she’s a vampire. No vampire will ever be on our side. Y’know why? Because they hate us. She could be acting for all you know, and you’re just gonna fall for her and land us both in a huge pile of shit, Bane replied. I frowned at the moss creeping across the woodland floor. There was no way she was acting. There just couldn’t be. She is lying to you through her fangs. They’re good at acting. They manipulate their bodies to suit what you want to see. You want to think she’s into you, so she makes her pupils dilate and blood go to her cheeks. It’s sick.

I growled. Don’t you dare, Bane. Don’t you fucking dare. She’s the first person that’s really wanted to know you in this god forsaken place. He fell silent after that. I put my lips to the bottle and tipped it up, determined to drain it.

Before you drink yourself stupid, Lazarus, why do you think that every time you see her, you get this sense of déjà vu? I stopped, my lips still touching the cold glass. He was right. Melissa did remind me of something. But what? You’ve seen her before. And you know it’s because she’s a vampire, don’t you? She’s probably hurt us before. You’re delusional if you think she’s safe, Lazarus.

“Shut up you stupid mutt,” I growled out loud. He grumbled about her being a leech before going to sleep and doing as I asked. “She’s not gonna hurt us like the others,” I muttered, drinking down the alcohol as quickly as I could.  

The End

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