Melissa: -Whine- Soon...Mature

When I got home I laid in bed, aimlessly staring up at my ceiling. My bed was in the basement, protected by two giant steel doors and obviously protected me from the sun. I loved it, down here, it was so quiet not even the world penetrated here - I could just think in peace.

I got up after a little while, taking off my dress and slipping into my underwear I crawled under the large black covers. It wasn't because I was cold, that wasn't really a feeling to me anymore, no, I did it for comfort and something to hug up to. I felt bad for Lazarus, he was left thinking he'd upset me and I wondered what he was doing now... if I was to guess, drinking.

He kept saying to me how he had been all alone, however, he also told me how he had 'satisfied loads of vampire's needs' and I bet that guy I saw him with would've just jumped into his bed. I began to wonder what he had done before he got here, who he had been with and why exactly was he so interested in me.

I knew I was beautiful, I would not deny that in death my features had been defined and frozen: my hair; once simply brown waves were perfect ringlets falling over my shoulders, my eyes; once a murky greeny brown were now clearer than two of Cleopatra's prized emeralds, my skin is a perfect milky shade from my daily intake of blood and I even had enough to bring colour to my cheek and amplify it when I blush. I was a good musician, I had been playing the violin for hundred's of years and had more than enough time on my hands to perfect it. I knew a little piano and I'm not very good with wind instruments... I can fake breathing, but not so good at the actual playing say, a Clarinet.

I knew however that I liked him. Blonde, shaggy hair, bright blue eyes and perfectly sculpted body that couldn't even be plucked from my dreams. Thinking about him now I had to fight to keep my hands clasped around my stomach and not wandering lower. I was falling for him, fast, I needed him. But I also wanted him to be mine, that's why I hated seeing him with someone else, I wanted to be that guy at the bar.

I was a woman, from his era and he's being a gentleman. Don't get me wrong I think that's wonderful, he was being polite and treating me like a proper woman and with respect. But, I was not in my era and I was, by now, well adapted to how quickly things move now. I thought Lazarus expected me to be a lady though, I don't think he would be quite as impressed with me if I threw myself at him, though, I certainly wouldn't object.

I laughed at myself in the darkness, how filthy my mind was becoming. There was a definitely a lust for him, but there was an underlying love too. His music, mainly, caught my attention. But he is gentlemanly and he is polite and lovely. It was the darkness that got me though I think. My hands slowly lowered over my skin as I imagined him here with me, his breath next to mine, his lips carressing my skin - Oh God, I wish he was mine...




I finally dug my heels into the bed as the time rolled blissfully on, arching my hips as I longed even more for Lazarus' touch instead. I began thinking it wouldn't happen as I remembered pouring the wine over his head. It was such a stupid move, in my anger and upset I made a rash decision and I regreted it. How stupid, how damn stupid of me. Now I was never gonna get laid by him. -whine- 

I lay on my bed asleep for a long while, it was calming. I was aware of everything around me, but in here it was always peaceful. My little gothic house was full of vampiric memorabilia, stories, pictures and tales. I woke up when I felt a pang in my stomach. I went to the fridge upstairs and grabbed a blood-bag I only just managed to finish it when there came a knocking on my door. Strange, I wasn’t expecting anyone; I expected to sit in peace for tonight.

I opened it to Lazarus stood on the other side, holding a bunch of flowers in his hand. I instantly grinned, looking at those flowers and the smile on his face instantly washed away my sorrows. Bless him, he actually cared so much he went out and got me flowers. “Thank you!” I grinned, sniffing them, “but what are they for?”

“To make up for last night,” I shook my head.

“You didn’t do anything!” I insisted, he was right, he wasn’t my boyfriend and we weren’t courting.

“I upset you,” he shrugged and I sighed, it was sweet, him turning up like this just because he upset me. I stood aside and beckoned him, he walked in and thanked me as I offered him a seat; “I’d offer you a drink too but I only have... my drink in.”

He shrugged again, “I don’t mind.”

I ran the tap, waiting for the cold water to come chugging out I put the vase from my mantel piece under. “Does this mean we’re courting?”

“If you’d like,” he nodded and I pricked my finger, letting a drop of blood fall into the water before placing the flowers in.

"You're thinking and you brought me flowers," I laughed, "It’s okay... I'd rather you be sure."

He smiled at me and I took a minute to look into his eyes, he looked genuine, he leant forward and brushed his lips against my cheek making me blush and I swiftly moved to kiss his cheek too. It felt silly though, so I placed my hand on his cheek, carefully leaning forward to kiss him properly. I wasn’t bothered myself, but I didn’t want him to push me away. He kissed me back and I slowly moved my hands to around his neck before moving my kisses down until they met my arms. I rested my head against his chest and chuckled: “To think I was jealous of some stupid guy in a bar.”

“I’m sorry you were.”

I sighed, “Stop apologising, I forgive you, I forgave you a while ago,” I pulled him a little closer to me, hugging him tightly as he wrapped his arms around me too, using one hand to play with my hair a little. I moved my head down a little so I could hear his heart beat. He watched me curious and I looked up at him. "It's beautiful... when you don't have one... it's almost like it sings - such a soothing song."


"Yeah, yours is... different, a little quicker but sweeter too, lined with a little sorrow but, it's hopeful... so lovely." He smiled down at me and I laughed slightly to lighten the mood, “Vampire ear.”

“It’s strange you can hear so much from it,” well, not really. A little, yes.

"We're drawn to blood; the heart is the main body of that. My hearing's not as good as yours but, I have my tricks." He nodded, "I'm not like the others though, I don't listen to a heart and get hungry, I just hear the melody,” that sounds ridiculous, I know, but, it’s true, I feel hungry every evening I wake but I do not weaken in the presence of loads of humans.

"That's a comfort, I suppose. Though you already know I don't mind you feeding from me if you need to. It's not like I'll miss it if you're careful,” I hate him talking like this; like he’s a piece of meat he’ll just give everything away. No. I don’t associate with food.

"I know, I know. But your song will die down if I do."

"It won't take long to come back."

"Only if I'm close to death."

“Stubborn,” Ahh, he only just noticed.

“Always,” I grinned, “you’ll learn.” He laughed, “I was nobility, I suppose, that’s why; the Rose family: always stubborn with something they don't agree with.”

"Ah, well then I should be perfectly adapted to your ways then,” he chuckled and I thought that seemed a little, strange.

"I can also be quite demanding... just warning."

"Demanding?" He raised his eyebrow at me and I moved back from him, biting my lip as I spoke.

"When I really want something,” he tilted his head, "Oh... you'll see,"

"Will I now?"

I kissed him swiftly, temptingly, "I have a feeling you will.... yes."

“Soon?” I laughed; pushing him back on the couch I crashed my lips into his.

“Oh, quite soon.”

The End

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