Lazarus: MannersMature

I must’ve gotten really drunk after meeting Melissa at the bar. I had absolutely no recollection of meeting her. S’pose you can’t choose which memories to obliterate when you get drunk, though. We spent the rest of the evening playing music, talking a little, and I tried to keep the flirting to a minimum, but she was really quite pretty. I’d never had any problems with vampires, either, so it’s not like the usual werewolf stigma to her kind really applied.


I wasn’t really expecting to see her again the next day. So, the next night, I was back where I felt halfway normal: the bar. I nearly choked on my drink when I saw her walk in and sit down at the other end of the bar. Before the bartender went over to her, I told him that anything she ordered was on me. I wasn’t exactly well off, but I wasn’t so poor I couldn’t pay for a glass of wine. The bartender told her it was me paying, and she looked over at me.

“Umm, hi,” she smiled.

"I remembered you this time,” I chuckled.

"Good to know I made an impression," she laughed too and I felt a little more at ease. I had no idea whether buying her drink would’ve been an entirely welcome move. Some women can be weird about that sort of thing. Though, we’re from a similar time period, so maybe she just recognised it as me being polite? I had no idea. I was just desperate for a friend.

"I never forget a good musician, so God only knows how I managed to forget you the first time round"

"Oh and here I was thinking you remembered me for my pretty face," she nursed her glass, running her finger along the rim of it gently. 

"I didn't want to say it and seem rude"

"I think I'm adjusted to this century, I've heard a lot worse said to me: 'hey, nice dress, it'll look a lot better on my floor’,” she chuckled, shaking her head. I scrunched up my nose. I hated modern people sometimes. Not all of them were bad, but...

"People have no manners anymore."

"Indeed, so, I'm glad I met you," she told me.

"I'm glad I met you too,” I smiled, "it's been too long since I've had any real company.”

"Yes, I have missed company too and if you don't mind me saying I enjoy the fact that it's male company too. Hard to find decent guys."

"Glad to know you think I'm a decent guy,” I flashed her another smile, "it's nice to know not everyone like you doesn't think that someone like me needs skinning and making into a rug, too." I’d nearly been turned into one once, by a leech like her. But some were okay. Some were happy to treat you as an equal. Most just thought you only deserved to be their pets, though.

"I don't judge everyone the same, just as it applies to humans it applies to species like ours too. I'm glad you don't find me a horrible life-sucking leech."

"I've had enough dealings with your kind to know not all of you are."

She nodded. "Yeah."

"I thought you didn't drink," I gestured at the wine good naturedly, my smile still not slipping.

"I don't... it's a habit, stops people from asking if they could buy me a drink and helps me sit in their company without a second glance."

I gave a short nod. "Makes sense.” I sipped at my drink, remembering not to down the whole thing, despite the fact that I wanted to. I wanted to gain a friend, not scare her away with my drinking habits. I felt her eyes on me, and for some reason when I next looked over at her, there was colour in her cheeks. I didn’t know vampires could blush.

"I don't believe four hundred years and I can't look at you without blushing."

"We've only known each other two nights. I've no idea why you're blushing, but I'm sure it's understandable," I laughed slightly, curious.

"I could explain, but it'd make me blush more."

"I'm curious, but I won't push. Like I said, I know what manners are."

"You have instincts, as a wolf you are naturally a romantic, passionate creature. Well, I have needs too, needs that... human's can't quite satisfy that well, though, bless them they do try."

I laughed. "Yes, I've heard of vampires with that need.” I hadn’t only heard of vampires with that need. I’d satisfied it more than enough times, too. I’d never been a fan of the ones that felt the need to bite you during, though. It’s hard to keep going when they’re determined to drain you.

Her laughter mingled with mine. "I can't help it you're so handsome," she shook her head. I watched her brown curls bouncing around, wondering why I wanted her so badly after only knowing her a couple nights. "I feel like a teenager again."

"I've still got it, then,” I winked.

She gave me a smile. "Ah, but I shall resist," she told me with a nod. I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed. "Don't worry about that, I've lasted this long."

"You tease. I'll have to stick to humans, then."

It was her turn to wink, this time. "Ah, it's one of my great traits, among other things."

I chuckled. "D'you keep to the no sex before marriage thing, then? Just curious."

"Hmm, no. But, I'm careful with who I sleep with. I don't do one night stands I'm afraid."

"Sensible,” I told her with a smile, not letting her in on the disappointment. She laughed.

"Just keep playing your cards right, wolf."

“I’m no good at card games,” I smiled wryly, ignoring her calling me wolf out loud in public. She tried to stifle the laugh that I saw bubbling behind her lips. It didn’t work, and her laughter escaped, but I was glad that she was happy at least. I drained my glass and ordered another.

"I'll get this one,” she told me, signalling to the bartender.

"No, no, it's fine," I said, attempting to pay, but she pushed the money I held out back.

"I'm not super rich, but I think I can buy you one drink."

"If you insist. I won't lie, my finances are in shambles,” I gave her a tiny smile. I didn’t really want to have to admit to her that I was as poor now as I was back when I was a kid, but she’d find out eventually no doubt, so what was the point in hiding it? She handed over the money as a fresh glass of whiskey was placed in front of me, a questioning look on her face. "I've been out of work for a while,” I explained with a shrug. "No place for an old wolf in a small town like this."

"I'm sure we could make a place for you here," she said.

"Doing what?" My eyebrow reached up into my hairline all of its own accord. "All I'm good at is playing the piano, and no one wants to hear that anymore." At least, not that I could tell.

"I do," she laughed. "People have no taste anymore." I chuckled, resisting the urge to agree with her. "I do believe my night is wearing thin and I still haven't drunk... anything," she smiled a little, "I'll have to say good bye I'm afraid." I tried to hide my disappointment, and only ended up seeming like a puppy, eager to please.

"I don't mind... If you want."

"Hmm?" She looked confused.

"I won't exactly miss any of my blood, if you want it, that is," I muttered. I had more blood than a human, and I would hardly notice if she took a few pints of it.

"You're kidding! No, I couldn't possibly!" she shook her head.

"Why not? You'd hardly be the first vampire I'd helped out,” I felt a light blush creeping across my cheeks. It wasn’t the sort of thing you admit to many people, that you’d let vampires have you and your blood.

I shrugged. "Well the offer's there."

"No,” she shook her head again, slipping down for her stool. Her lips pressed up against my cheek for a moment. "But I will wish you a good night,” she said with a smile.

"Will I see you again soon?" I asked. I hadn’t felt like this for a while. The urge to see someone again was almost alien to me.

"Hmm... do you want to?" I nodded, smiling up at her. "Then yeah, you'll see me again." I took her hand and kissed the back of it, as if we were back in our own era again. She blushed. "Good evening, Lazarus."

A woman a few stools down watched me for a moment before scowling in disgust when she realised she had my attention. “Chauvinist,” she accused.

“You,” I smiled politely, “can fuck off.” I downed my drink as easily as I would drink water and walked out. 

The End

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