Melissa: Facade for the WeakMature

I picked up my violin, I wasn’t tired, I’d slept enough for a while I was excited to be going back over to Lazarus’. The night was warm, but shivers still ran down my spine. I approached his door and knocked. Something seemed so wrong, like something was eating away at the back of my mind... God I hope he was okay. He opened the door with a curious look... “hello?”

Umm, okay. That’s strange. “Uh... hello?” I smiled weakly at him, but it dropped at his next words.

“Can I help you?” Oh Lazarus... you fool, you stupid, stupid fool. I could see it in his eyes he was blank, everything was gone, even the ring on his finger... I quickly slipped off mine and restored my weak smile. I need to push it from my mind; I obviously need to win him back. Always was quick on the mark... right, push it from your mind. I did, realising I could cry about it later.

“You asked me here to play for you? You spotted me in the bar downtown,” I showed him my violin, trying to hide the inscription on it. I would just have to get a new one.

"Oh," he smiled back at me, making me reassured of the future, "it must've slipped my mind."

"May I?" I gestured to the door and he let me in, offering me a drink. "Umm, no thank you... I don't drink." He sniffed the air and I could see him move away slightly. I watched him and I remembered he was a werewolf, I wasn’t sure if Bane remembered me or not but he still had the power to tear me to pieces. "I'm... not human, I thought you knew? You did mention it before... I thought you'd guessed."

"Something else that slipped my mind, clearly, music room is upstairs,” he showed me there and I managed to somehow push everything away. My facade was built and I just hope it stayed.

"Rather forgetful aren't we?" I pushed my hair back behind my hair timidly.

He laughed and I focused on finding a good place to stand, "Only a little."

I found a spot in the middle of the middle of the room "any requests?”

"How about something you've written?" I wasn’t sure in this moment if he was putting all this on to just mess with me, but that was never Lazarus’ style. He did this, because he felt he needed to and I cast my mind back to how I won him in the first place, I was shy, blushing and all too soon it swamped over me.

"Oh... I've never been a composer. But, I do have something a friend wrote for me once," I smiled, not staring him directly in the eye, yet.

"Just a friend?" He asked and I realised this would be more painful than I could stand if he carried on. I decided that I should try and change the subject. I could use my vampiric drama skills to my advantage, but only for so long.

I blushed furiously, shaking my head. "No! No... I have no one like that! Guess no one wants me.”

"Your friend must want you if they wrote you music," he winked and I shook my head again, tossing my curls into a flurry. I have to dispel the ideas of me having another guy if I want him... maybe, maybe I should pay Isis a visit... I mean, I’ll set up the foundations, then, forget the past too...

"I would never, I don't love him back it would be harsh." It’s hard saying you don’t love somebody so you can get them to fall in love with you.

"Oh? That's a shame,” I looked at him quizzically, "He'd be a lucky man to have you."

"Well, uh..." I blushed and laughed nervously, "Shall I play?" He nodded and I played, I must’ve looked a little distant but I always did when I lost myself in the music. Every now and then I looked at him and smiled when I saw him listening intently. But, after a while I lost myself a little too much and found myself singing along but this time when I looked up his eyes were admiring and I smiled a little wider. "Did you like it? I thought it was a beautiful piece."

"Yeah, always helps when the woman playing it is beautiful too," he laughed.

"Oh stop, really.” I hid my face, “You're quite handsome yourself too y'know.” He chuckled and I almost laughed too, "Ohhh, you're making me nervous... shall I play something else? I'm excellent at Fur Elise."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you nervous," He opened the piano lid, "we can play it together, if you like?"

I smiled, "Oh, I'd love to." Of course, it brought us together the first time, had I not freaked out and left. I wouldn’t do that again. He counted us in and we played, allowing the music to take us both in, but I couldn’t help think about the first time we did this... I moved over the window and looks up at the stars reflectively, I played sat in my window sill, Lazarus played through the wall of his flat. It was great. He glanced up and I smiled, looking back at him as I finished up the piece.

"The stars, they're beautiful don't you think? With Fur Elise I often get lost."

He followed my eyes out of the window, "Yeah."

"Was there anything else you would like?" I looked at him.

"Company's always good. I've been on my own long enough."

"Of course," I sat beside him on the stool, before quickly jumping up again, "Oh sorry! May I?" He nodded and I sat again with a small giggle, earning yet another smile from Lazarus. "Sorry, sometimes I get mixed up between this century and the one I'm from, women acting all proper and now we have freedom... it's hard to adapt."

He laughed, "Yeah, I guess it must be weird." I nodded and blushed, once more, perhaps too much but I was playing someone that had next to no experience with men, "Can't say I have any idea how that must feel, though. Men have never really been oppressed in any way,” he shrugged.

"Oh lucky you," I smiled, shaking my head, "kinda hard to mill about in those days as a woman of my age without a man..." I shook my head, "don't listen to me reminisce."

"Feel free to reminisce all you like."

"Nah, the past is the past, I look forward now,” I looked to him dreamily, but quickly looking away, hoping he didn’t noticed.

"Looking forward to anything in particular?"

"Finding someone, so I don't have to wander alone I guess."

"You’ve been on your own too?"

"For too long."

"I don't see how you could've been alone. Not right to be alone when you're as pretty as you."

I hid my face again, "You can't talk, any woman would love to have you too... I mean, look at you!"

"You flatter me, miss."

"And you have flattered me so much more, umm..." I laughed, "I don't think I ever caught your name... or, I forgot at any rate..."

"I'm Lazarus."

"Melissa Rose, a pleasure," I smiled, holding out my hand for him to shake. He shook it and nodded.


The End

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