Lazarus: PleaseMature

I woke up clinging to the edge of the mattress, my body jerking as my fall was cut short by reality. I panicked as arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back from the safety I’d found clinging on to the mattress. Well, I didn’t know it was a mattress, I didn’t know where I was or what was going on.

"You were that drunk?" a voice asked.


"You look confused.” I knew that voice. I looked around and sure enough, Melissa was there. She was the one with her arms around me. Once I’d realised what was going on and where I was, I calmed down. She seemed to relax as well. “It’s okay...” she soothed. I shoved my head under my pillow, trying to block everything out, whining about my hangover. I felt the bed lift a little, and her footsteps heading off downstairs. I guessed she was going to get me some coffee or something, but that wasn’t going to do anything to help me.

I braved looking around and despite the room spinning around me like a merry go round, I managed to spot a sheet of painkillers lying on the floor. I reached down and popped out a few pills, ignoring the stated dose, whatever it was supposed to be. Who even cared? I pulled a bottle of vodka out from under the bed and downed them, just as Melissa walked back in.



She shook her head at me. "Drinking, already?"

"No,” I muttered. She put the coffee down on the bedside table, and just to prove my point, I put the bottle down next to it. I wouldn’t say no to a drink, though. "I just can't swallow pills dry."

She nodded, seeming to accept that reason. "Okay." I flopped back down into my pillows, feeling her eyes on me.

"You staying here today?" I asked her, hoping she wouldn’t be. I may have been more drunk than I’d like to admit last night, but I remembered enough of it. Unless I was hallucinating, that Isis lady could do something about me remembering Melissa. I wanted to speak to her about what she could do for us. I mean, I’d love to start over. But being married to someone is no small thing. Would it matter?

"Do you want me to?"

"Just asking"


"Still?" I asked.

"I want to know if you want me here."

"I dunno. Can you come back over tonight? I think I want a bit of time to myself," I muttered.

"Sure. Do you have a hoodie or something I could borrow? This sun... don't wanna burn," she gave me a slight laugh and I felt a lot like I’d offended her. If everything went the way I hoped it would, she was going to be a whole lot more offended later on when she comes over to find me with no idea who she is. I gestured at the wardrobe, only vaguely responding to her thanks. Did I really want to do this? Hesitating, she looked over at me, “bye.”

“Goodbye, Melissa,” I said, wincing internally at her grin.

I gave her a couple of hours to get to sleep before I got up. I showered, shaved, had a drink and brushed my teeth. I dressed quickly, ignoring Bane’s doubts lurking in the back of my mind. Bane didn’t hate her like I did. I had to forget it, for both our sakes. I stared at myself in the mirror, taking a moment.

“Things will be better if we never remember any of this, Bane. I’ll remember you, just not her. ‘Kay?”

He whined and fell silent. I felt like I was walking into the end of an era as I headed up to the big mansion where Isis lived, and my heavy knocks on the door were the tolls of a bell marking that end.

“Isis,” I looked into her golden eyes as I spoke, “you must make me forget her.”

The End

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