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"Just be quick about it, I need to get some measure of sleep tonight." She nodded gently, pulling the first aid kit to her side and composing herself for a moment, she had... not exactly told the full truth about what she knew of medicine. It had all really come from her mother who had taught her in secret of her father... her mother had once said that first aid, basic and advanced would be needed no matter the place, no matter her age, and that it would always, always, come in handy. 

Silently she thanked her mother and pulled out a light pad and some iodine on the gash that rested on the mans face. She listened to him bite back a hiss, his eyes looking at her with a slight amount of anger flaring up. "I'm sorry but... its gonna hurt a bit..." She fidgeted until he turned his gaze away from her. She didnt quite know why his gaze was so strong or intense but everytime she felt it, it made her want to shrink till he could see her no more. Perhaps he was judging her.... or plotting what he was gonna do to her when she dropped her guard. She bit her lip, continuing to press the iodine pad into the wound on his noise until it stopped bubbling. 

"You bite your lip any harder and it'll bleed." He commented idly to her, taping a clean gauze pad over his nose, small enough so that it didnt look too ridiculous. Meanwhile Aiko was fiddling with a sowing kit she found in the kit... she wanted to sow the wound on his nose up but... The steps she would need to do weren't exactly painless and she knew that it would get messy.

"umm..." she started, his eyes turning and watching her as if looking through her soul. "I... I think your nose needs some stiches..." she started and the man sighed. 

"Speak quickly and frankly stop being so damned scared as if im about to kill you." Aiko sucked in a sharp breath and nodded. "I want to put stitches in your nose because no hosipital is reachable at this time... I'm going to have to do it here." The man looked at her, looking like he was about to burst out laughing until he realized she was serious.. 

"Ah hell..." he grunted. "It aint that bad girl-" Aiko held up a hand to cut him off, trying to be brave instead of the horrible coward she was being. 

"If it gets infected and this riot becomes a war... you are in serious danger..." She trailed off her eyes looking away as her fingers threaded through her hair. The man sat up a bit and took notice, he really hadn't been caring all too much for what was going outside, nursing his wounds until she said that. He had to agree with aiko she was right. 

"What' dya need?" He asked grudingly, she looked about.. "Needle, thread, A bowl, some rubbing alcohol, ice, gauze, and if you wanna dull the pain you might want some booze." She stood and hurried around, the two gathering the items, setting them at the only table. The man taking a seat as she soaked the thread in rubbing alcohol, her rescuer was already downing his second bottle of alcohol smelling like rancid water. Pulling out the thread, she treaded on the needle, bending it to have a fish hook shape. Tentativly she placed ice to the mans slightly swollen nose... he flinched and looked as he was about to protest and she pushed the ice harder hoping it would shut him up so she could do this. 

Her hands were already trembling heavily, She set the ice peice down and picked up the thread. "Please dont try to move... I dont want to hurt you and accidentally poke an eye out. A knot was already tied at the end of the thread, she poked the needle through one side of the cut flesh and pulled it taut, then did the same with the other. The man growled, but seemed to be getting drunk enough to not move too much. She made sure that the skin stayed flush and the threading was straight and clean. 

Continuing to sow, she finished, knotting the thread tightly against his skin, breaking it with her teeth since they seemed to be short a pair of scissors or a knife... "Now... you can put the bandage back on." But the man chuckled, "It don't hurt all... tha.. much!" He said with drunken bravado.. Aiko's lips pursed and she cleaned up the bloodied mess.

"Hey Aiko..." the man called and she hurried into the room he was in. He was sprawled out drunk on his bed, thankfully clothes still on. He patted the beside... "Come here." She shook, the picture of the men over her flashing in her mind. Realizing how it looked he seemed to sober up a bit. "I just meant for you to sit... down.. I wanted to thank you, your welcome to sleep here for the night.." Aiko nodded, staying silent. 

"Not much of a talker..." he grumbled and waved a hand dismissing her. Her eyes welled with tears and she moved to a corner, pulling out her stuffed rabbit that was in her back pack and curling up in the corner, crying, though trying not to be loud and irritate her host. She just wanted to go home. 

The End

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