Good EveningMature

I shake my head, feeling a little embarrassed. I begin "I just did the right thing, you don't owe me for that. I have to be the change I want to see in the world, or everything I've done, everything I will do will go to waste." 

Aiko nods, wiping some tears "Ghandi?"

I smile "Yeah."

Groaning, I sit up. In the distance, I hear an explosion. Well, this has escalated quickly. Did Shanghai just decide to fuck the man over night? Maybe I'm assuming too much, it could just be a plane crash or something. 

I stand up, clutching my side with one hand, using the other to balance myself. I ask Aiko "Do you have somewhere's to go?" 

Aiko shook her head "Not really."

I point towards an apartment building a couple blocks down. "You can stay at my place for the night. Homeless shelter isn't a place for someone like you." 

Aiko mumbles "I dunno..."

I raise my voice "For fuck sakes woman, what does it take to earn your trust?"


My apartment isn't very big but it has everything I need. A bathroom, kitchen, living room for four people and a bedroom. I turn my computer on and play the evening news. I tell Aiko "Make yourself at home, bedrooms yours if you want it. Shower won't have hot water until about 6AM." 

A feminine voice smooth as silk is on the news. She says in the calmest voice "Good evening Shanghai. An alert has been issued to locals over a plane crash in the city. The city mayor has issued a statement, blaming revolutionary terrorists for the crash. In other news..."

Aiko seems shy, maybe it's just me. Is she looking through the bathroom? Standing up, I catch her bringing out my first aid kit. Shit, shouldn't have stood up so fast, ow. I wave my hands "No, no, no! They're just bruises girl, nothing to g-"

Aiko looks up at the ceiling for a moment "I carried you back here. Let me fix you up." 

Unable to argue, I sit back down. I sigh "Just be quick about it. I need some measure of sleep tonight." 

The End

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