Aiding the Guardian AngelMature


She stood there frozen, eyes brimming with tears as the men drew closer like wolves who had cornered their prey. Low snarls and greedy whispers traveled between them as the first man who was holding her shoulder used his body to pin her to the wall. His hand slipped up her shirt, dirty fingers tracing her delicate skin and traveling closer and closer to its desire, she turned her head away.

Whimpers falling from her lips until her ears caught the sound of someone yelling, the sound grew louder and louder, and the sound of someone striking the shorter man made her head whip around. The taller man withdrew from Aiko and kicked him hard in the gut, Aiko wanted to help but she was frozen thoughts rocketing through her mind.

Oh no, what do I do... This guy is trying to save me, I should help him! But its two against one! If he looses I could end up in the back alley as this guys....

Quickly she snatched her backpack and ran, ran fast and far away down the street, dashing into a side street and climbing the fire escape. Perching safely in a place where she could observe what happened to her would-be rescuer. She could see the men beating the crap out of the newcomer pinning him on the ground and kicking him repeatedly before punching him a few times in the face.

While she couldn't hear what they were saying she could hear her own heart beat and conscience screaming at her. RUN! RUN! GET FAR AWAY! GET HOME! GET SAFE!  But she couldn't leave not until she was sure the man that had rescued her was safe. After the tall man spat at the downed man, she waited for the others to leave. Minutes passed maybe 10 or 20, but she waited. 

Finally when she was sure that it was safe she scaled down the fire escape and sprinted back to the man, "Hey.... hey are you alright?" she asked her whole body shaking violently, she had never dealt with so much shock, fear, and all out terror in her entire life. It was a complete system overload for her brain. ", you alright.." she leaned a bit closer, her hair fanning around her shoulders since her pony tails had fallen out while running to safety. 

Her fingers shook as she reached out tentatively seeing blood covering his nose and leaking from his lips, she lightly touched the crimson liquid. Suddenly the other bolted up and grabbed her hand growling like a feral animal. She yelped and struggled to get free but his other hand caught her free wrist and stopped her, forcing her to look into his eyes. To him she must have looked like a frightened rabbit, eyes wide, school uniform disheveled, hair a bit messed up, but there was the propensity to look very attractive hidden under her scarred frame. 

"You shouldn't be out during the riots....why aren't you home?! Or at school?!" the man half snarled half groaned. Aiko shook her head, not able to find words, her lips pursed. 

"Goddamn it girl, I aint gonna hurt you I'd like some answers from ya since I just saved you from getting..." he trailed off seeing the way the girl was looking at him. Aiko swallowed as the man released her wrists. 

"I saw the riot and knew I had to get home and warn my parents... I headed towards my families districit but an officer cornered me and threatened to shoot me...he was speaking Canto and I couldn't understand him so I ran and got caught in a crowd. I just followed it to a check in gate and came in here... I ...I got lost." She pulled out her school I.D and showed it to the man. 

On the card, it had a picture of Aiko, the smiling bright happy looking college student her name below the picture. Aiko Ni Amaterasu. 

"Is there...something I could do to or ...tend your injuries... you did rescue me after saved my life and if you hadn't come..." She shivered and looked away pain in her eyes. "I probably wouldnt have ever been seen again... I mean, I know some medicine but its not a whole lot... I just... feel guilty that your all bloodied on my account." 

The End

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