Things are getting crazy but it won't last. We've all seen the picture of a man in front of a tank, a symbol of courage, humanity. The symbol's there but the man's gone, the revolution's long gone. I swallow my water and look at the victims. Sighing, I lay back down in my groaning bed and sleep till morning. 


I wake up to the sounds of music, my music. My pockets vibrating... I grab my phone and look at the screen. Thank god, it's Caii. I take the call yelling "Caii?!" 

Caii sighs "Fuck, I thought you were dead man!"

I frown "Dead? Are you stupid?!"

A homeless man groans "Shut the hell up."

I point at the man and continue "I can't get back man, they've sealed of Kanto."

Caii groans "Did you show them your ID?"

The homeless man shifts in his bed squinting "Did you show them ID?"

I yell "Shut up!"

Another hobo chips in "Shut up or I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck." 

I whisper into the phone "No, why?"

Caii speaks slowly "By law you have to show your ID to return to your residence."

I put a hand on my head and let a low groan escape. The homeless man laughs "You left your place in Kanto? I'm homeless and I'm still smarter than you!"

Furious, I throw my pillow at him and speed walk out of the shelter. I make my way to the wall and keep talking to Caii. He starts talking about his girlfriend. I stop myself from giving any advice, that's the last thing he needs. I put him on hold and give an officer my ID. He says something in Canto and let's me through. I keep talking to Caii "Sorry about that man. I hope it all goes well, just don't offer her sex." 

Caii coughs "Wait, what?" 

I crane my head to the side, dropping my phone. Who the hell screams that loud? Irritated, I pick up the phone and look for the source. For fucks sakes, can this day get any worse? To the side sat a girl on the ground, trying desperately to get out of a man's reach- make that two men. I'm not exactly good at fighting and I don't ever, ever carry a gun. I'll just have to figure out something better. Looking around, I see a few police officers in the distance. I yell "Hey, officers! This girl needs some help! Officers!" 

But they're just standing there. Looking back at the girl I shake my head, they've got her pinned. Shit, what the hell... with a yell I charge forwards, knocking one of the men to the ground. He drops her backpack. The man looks at me with greedy eyes and throws me off him. Before I can pick myself back up, his buddy kicks me hard in the stomach. I try to ignore it and stand up. Suddenly all I can see are stars. Dazed, I lay on the ground trying to collect myself. Is time going faster? How long have I been lying here? Doesn't light pollution erase the stars? A rough voice growls "Do you know who I am? I'm Kunuko, remember that name!"

As much as I wanted to reply with a snide remark, alarms were going off in my head. Don't piss this guy off. His buddy screamed "That was our bitch you little shit!"

Well, at least she got away. The stars began to clear- the two men stood above me, faces red. Kunuko yelled and started stomping my chest while his buddy tried stomping my face. I put my arms over my head and took the beating. My body felt increasingly useless, my arms were going numb. Kunuko kneeled on my chest and pulled my arms away from my face. Propping his knees on top of my arms, he punched me three times, breaking my nose. Kunuko stood up, spat on my face and wiped his nose. He mumbled "Let's go Tutsuko." 

My eyes grow heavy. 

The End

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