Lost and VulnerableMature


The sudden sound of violence in the streets startled her, her eyes, that had been glued to her book for the past hour looked outside. She gasped, sprinting over to the window and watching as the chaos erupted. It was horrifying, she had never in all her life seen people revolt like this. The guns, the armor, the violence... while she was not ignorant of them she always looked at those as things that happened to other people, other places, other countries. She shouted loudly drawing the entire libraries attention though no one on the outside could hear her. She watched as a shotgun went off and a man doubled over, collapsing to the street. She had no idea that it had been a bean bag, she believed that her own countries police force had engaged lethal protocals on their civilians. 

She hurried over to the desk apologizing quickly to her tutor and shouting to everyone in the library that they needed to get out, civil unrest was in the streets and she was terrified that it would spill over into buisnesses, schools, homes. Throwing her books into her pack, she ran down the hallway, grabbing the handrail to spin the corner. She was acting on instinct, she wasnt thinking she had to get home. Warn her mother and father! Get her siblings to somewhere safe, maybe they could move back to japan and live in their gran-ma'ma's house.

Shouting and screaming echoed through the air along with a booming snap of thunder while she donned her face mask to protect her breathing. She sprinted down the sidewalk, turning on a side street to avoid the violence until an officer stepped out of nowhere, shouting in Cantoneese. she stood there stock still, not understanding a word until he mentioned many districts, including the one her family lived in and made a chopping signal to say no... or she couldn't go. Aiko shook my head. 

"I'm going!" she snarled deifantly, the officer drew his weapon, yelling more. Her heart stopped as her eyes grew large. She could see the bullet grinning at her from inside the chamber, holding her hands up she backed away which seemed to slightly calm the man. "I have to get home," she whispered, pain in her chest as she ran out of the side street, attempting to go around when a mob of people and a line appeared, screening people getting through. She breathed easier, thinking it was her district, she wasn't paying attention adrenaline was rushing within her body. The man at the gate asked for her I.D and to remove her mask to prove who she was. After a few minutes of scrutinization he let her through with a gruff nod. Taking the Id she pocketed it and replaced the mask over her face sprinting into the district. After 10 minutes she began to look around... realizing she was not near her home.. not even close.. this was the Kanto district. 

Her hands shook as she dug through her school bag pulling out her phone and dialing her home number. It rang once, twice, three times, and then.. finally.. her father answered. 

"Hello?" he asked softly confused that his daughter would be calling when she was supposed to be staying after school. 

"Father! Father!" She was breathless as she hollared into the phone. "All of shanghai has gone mad! People are revolting in the streets, the police are taking everyone into custody, they're....oh father... I'm in the Kanto district I was so scared...they held a gun at me, I could only think to run and I saw a checkpoint and thought of home...Father..." she started to tear up as her father began to speak. Suddenly on the other end of the line Aiko could hear her mother and father shouting... a ruckas echoed and the line went dead. Her heart sank painfully, she didnt know what had happened but she could only assume...staggering over to the wall of a buisness she stood there, gripping her phone, white knuckled. Two men, haggard but young, probably around their early twenties snickered as they walked up to her, pinning her to the wall. One was tall and smelled, the other was short, his features pug like. 

"Well well," the short one laughed in a very slang style of Madarin. "wha'da we have here... looks like a little University girl got lost on her way home..." The other man grinned crookedly and  stepped close to Aiko, he smelled of some strange type of sake and fish. 

"Your pretty," the tall one murmured as the one of the men held her shoulder, the other taking her back pack off her shoulder, rifling through it. 

Aiko screamed loud and long, she was far from home, terrified and alone, not that she expected anyone to help her here. Tears ran down her face...what would mother and father think....

The End

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