When everything around you falls apart, who will trust... where will you go...and when you have nothing left... What will you do?

People were at it again today, the thought came as small drops of rain pattered against the window. I don't know why they get so riled up like this, why the country gets so riled up like this. Blinking, Aiko stared out the window, watching the rain as her her fingers knotting over the skirt of her school uniform.

She had read it in the newspapers, seen it on the Television, other people at the University were talking about it non a civil war or something, it made a volt of lightning travel up her spine.   Shaking her head, Aiko tugged the hairbands out that held up her long black hair, letting it fall around her shoulders. All of china was loosing its mind, ng of politically, civil rights activists sick of propoganda. All because of the clog in industry, unhealthy water, failure to maintain air cleanliness, falling educational standards in mainstream schools, infrastructure failing (like the bridge last week), increased military spending to keep up with the United States.

That was another problem, not to mention all the internal problems there was the rest of the world all pressing upon them. North and South Korea, Iran, Afganistan, America, Britain. It was all so much being thrown together... all it needed was a spark to set it all off, to create teh big explosion that would crack the country into thousands of pieces. The people were already divided, it was just a flash point, a starting event to get it all going. 

"Aiko," Her mother called, making the young woman jump. She had been in her own thoughts so long that it was startling to be dragged out of them. "Dinner's ready." Her father added, as the smell of fish and noodles wafted warmly around the house. Aiko stood and walked from the window sill over to the dinner table. Her mother, father, younger sister, and baby brother were all waiting for her. The way they looked at her, with all that hope, she swallowed hard. It would break their heart to know that she was so terribly depresseed, sick of school. She had no real friends and always seemed to be by herself, she didnt have a boyfriend despite her beautiful looks and features. 

She was just too shy, too smart, too this, too that. All the guys looked for was the easy ones, the sluts that dress in skimpy hardly acceptable versions of their school uniforms with bust highly unnatural for any woman. The way they flaunted their bodies like slabs of meat to be bought for a price, it disgusted her. 

"Aiko!" Her little sister giggled, she shook her head realizing that she had zoned out again. 

"Sorry," she replied, smiling, taking her seat at the table, bowing her head. Her father began with prayers. Talking to their ancestors, praying that they could avoid the troubling times, the riots the violence that was cropping up all over china. He prayed that they would be still have food to eat and that Aiko's education would still continue. Aiko frowned, her family was all she had left, after they moved from their homeland to here... for her to persue an education that wouldn't rob the family blind. "Mother... Tommorrow me and this once girl from my society study class are going to be staying a bit late. Is that alright?" she tipped her head deep brown eyes pleading softly. 

She always looked for her mothers approval, her fathers approval. She liked having her families input considering they were all she had. 

"Sure dear! I'm so glad that you have someone that your finally making friends with instead of hiding away with all those books you read." Aiko wanted to say that they weren't all books, that a few were her favorite comics she had ordered from america. All about female heroines and super men who seemed strong, beautiful, loved by all. She sighed, she almost wished some kind of supuer hero would come and take her away from this place as she started to eat dinner. Hoping tomorrow would go as she had planned. 


Aiko hurried through the hallway, she was supposed to meet up with a tutor to help her with advanced physics. She would almost be late too, oh why did she have to stay and listen to the teacher lecture her about the molecular dynamics of biology in her paper. Sure she had gotten a perfect grade but the teacher practically interrogated her on where she got her information since it seemed like something most people hadnt heard about. 

Bursting into the library, she panted, books clutched tightly to her chest with a few more in her back pack that hung off her shoulder. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail but her hair looked slightly messy, a few strands hanging over her face from sprinting down the hallways. She sighed, composing herself, lucky that the headmaster hadn't caught her. She headed over to a table right next to the window so she could over look the main street near the university, she liked watching the people... but something was off. Hardly anyone was on the streets now and for a highly populated city like this Aiko felt suddenly nervous. 

Even the school seemed hushed, as though holding its breath, waiting for some inpending storm to break loose. 

"Are you ready?" she heard a boys voice call to her and she turned around startled like a rabbit. 

"Yea....yea I'm ready." She gave a shy smile and tucked the loose hairs behind her ear. 

The End

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