Will there be only one page this time?

Goddamn it, just read the journal entry!!!

Graduating from college was fantastic. Being a recent graduate from college is horrifying. The failed job interviews, the drifting away of friends, the disappointed look on my parents face whenever we eat dinner together...I hate ellipses by the way- too feminine. Or childish. Is there a difference, LOL.

I'm more psychotic than ever. Was already diagnosed with OCD and bipolar disorder, and now I am also schizophrenic??? (Triple question marks are very masculine, I swear) The voices in my head have calmed down now. No, I don't hear them outside of myself; the voices are from within, probably extended and disparate personalities of myself. It is my left and right brain at war, or at least, a fight after a bad dinner conversation. I just told the people of Protagonize that I'm schizophrenic, didn't I? Oh well.

Moving on, because schizos were way over done in Once Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, alone.

I used to be 310 pounds. Last time I checked, I am now 248 pounds. Quite a lot of congratulations were had from my family! Not a comment on my timeline was posted about said accomplishment from my so called "FB" "friends". With friends like these...

Complete the ellipses, dumbdumb! Well, why don't you complete a well known cliché yourself, reader/imaginary person in my head?

For God, I owe nothing and everything. To some friends I owe some money and some apologies. For me, I owe the very best, like nothing ever was. To catch life is my real test, to train myself is the cause. Yes, Pokémon, I love your theme song. First one only.

That's it for today, or right now. I am a prolific short work of art writer. I am an artist, a sculptor, molding myself. Shout out to Nietzsche!!! (Triple exclamation points are the true mark, and end, of a manly child of mind.

The End

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