…swore in an embarrassed whisper. Olivia had an uncanny way of turning up at the exact wrong moment, and that was why, secretly, Josh had always thought her to be some kind of mysterious and attractive ghost-creature.

Olivia walked (well, to Josh, it was more of a float) towards Stark, her baby blue eyes wide.

“Stark,” she whispered, but her curved lips barely moved.

Stark blushed and nodded; their break-up hadn’t been as smooth as he would have liked.

“Hello, Olivia, how have things been?”

Olivia’s petite hands rose up to her snow-coloured hair, which she patted into place with deliberation.

“Lonely…” She said, and elongated the syllables out slowly.

Stark shot an ‘I-hate-you-for-bringing-this-up’ look over at Josh, who then looked down at his scuffed trainers.

“So…” Olivia continued, “Are you doing anything today?”

Stark jumped at this opportunity to away from those girls.

“Well… I was actually going to a Lord of The Rings Convention this afternoon,” he said hurriedly, avoiding both girls’ eyes. He grabbed Josh’s wrist and started to march off with him.

“I doubt you’ll like it,” he called back over his shoulder to Olivia.

“Dude,” Josh objected to going anywhere near more nerds than he needed to, “Why did you do that?”

But by then they had already reached the convention hall and…

The End

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