Someone he had hoped never to see again.

Her eyes glistened silver, her nose was softly shapen and her lips were moist like summer fruit. She looked mysterious, dressed in an elven outfit of leaf green with a belt made out of yellowing twine and black leather boots that were most likely from Primark. Her hair was a raven black colour and crinkled in style and around her neck hung a tiny glass vial.

“Stark!” she cried and ran to fling her arms around his neck.

“Wow, steady on, Rosa... You know what we said.” Stark shuffled backwards again, dispite the pain in his leg.

The girl sighed, and her accentuated chest rose up and down softly under the dress.

“I know, I know, at least three metres away... Without my glasses the spaces look bigger than the entire Runescape Multiverse.”

Then she looked up and down at him and his friend.

“Ew, Stark, what happened to your leg? Oh, and are you coming to the Lord of The Rings meet this afternoon?”

Stark narrowed his brown eyes at her and replied...

The End

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