Josh Noble's Story

A random story where each 'chapter' must end with a connecting sentence that can be used at the start of the next chapter. Hmm, I think it might be Protagonize Tennis :)
Let's see what happens in the lives of Josh, Stark and their rabbits.

Josh sat in his room, on his laptop as usual. It was a nice, normal, sunny, mid-Spring day. The clouds were extra fluffy, the sky had invented a new shade of blue and the rabbits hopped gaily around the soft green grass of their garden.

Unfortunately, today, Josh was feeling jumpy. There came a knock at the bedroom door and Josh’s eyes became wide. He closed the laptop, sprang up and grabbed his late grandfather’s old war-sword from the wall, before opening the door on the ‘intruder’.

Stark was about to knock again when the door opened. He raised his eyebrows in the normal animated way that Stark did, and put up his hands in a rather ‘I surrender’ type pose.

“Okay, Josh, it’s just me…Chill mate…”

Josh frowned, but took the word of the boy standing outside his bedroom and put the sword away.

“Let’s go outside, and tell the rabbits about today. I’m sure they’d be very interested.”

But Stark sighed, and said…

The End

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