Brad: ProblemsMature

We had been spending our days getting to know each other with the mysterious Captain hiding away, probably out of some stupid belief that she is better than us. I hadn't seen Roxanne an especially large amount but she seemed chirpy, maybe too much so for my liking but I knew that I could be exactly like that so I knew that I should give her the benefit of the doubt at the very least.

I had spent a fair bit of time with Becky, our witty mechanic , talking with her about all sorts of irrelevant stuff that she seemed interested in. Oddly enough, none of her questions dealt with my life experiences and family; maybe we all wanted to forget about that and focus on what was at hand.

But it was Sorrell that interested me the most, with her shy nature and beautiful mind. I had wanted to press her for more answers, getting to know her better. Her attitude intrigued me; there was something about her that drew me like a moth to a flame but every time I got close, I was swatted away.

I had been talking to Becky when Sorrell came into the room and joined us in a jovial conversation about life on the ship when Miss Shepard was called away to an inspection, leaving me alone with Sorrell. I smiled at her softly, inviting her to accompany me on a walk. I tried a bit of small talk on her but she wasn't terribly forthcoming so I didn't hold any hope for anything more personal.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, suddenly stopping.

"What do you mean?" she said, making a conscious effort to string a sentence together to answer me.

"You're an interpreter aren't you?"

"And what are you Brad?" she snapped in a harsher tone than her eyes had meant to use.

"Maybe they don't need me either but I like to think that I'm here to stop people wanting to kill themselves out of boredom." I replied, standing my ground. I smiled, my eyes saying "bite me."

"I don't really know why I'm here." she said, letting her guard down just a little. "Maybe I'm."

Before she could finish her sentence, the ship shook. It shouldn't do that. It definitely shouldn't be doing that. Sorrell immediately ran off, staggering every time we shook.

I decided that it would probably be for the best if I stayed there; that way when I was sick, it wouldn't end up all down the corridor. Hopefully.

The End

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