I grinned to myself as I checked the ship's computer settings from the main computer, still giddy with the feeling that I'd actually managed to talk to the other people on the ship over a friendly game of monopoly. Sorrell seemed quiet and reserved, and I had made a mental note to try and talk with her more. Her voice was like an angel's call, and I was certain that I wanted to hear it m0re.

Brad was nice - we'd shared a few conspiracy theories and opinions on various things already and, even though he had some crazy ideas, he seemed like a good guy. He also seemed to be the only guy on the ship, and I wondered how he felt about that.

Humming a tune, I spun on my chair and leapt out of it, moving over to the other side of the room to check the temperature controls because I was feeling warm. I turned the dial a few centimetres to the left, which decreased the temperature slightly. I grinned to myself as the bell for dinner went and, hoping that it would be something a little more interesting than salad, I pulled off my overalls and walked down to the dining hall, where a few others had gathered.

I spotted Brad and walked over to him, grinning widely. "Hey, spaceman," I said, with a wink. He laughed back and we started talking happily about what we'd been up to since we'd last seen each other. Sorrell walked in to the room and I waved her over to us.

"Hey, Sorrell," I said, with a smile, "How's it going?

The End

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