Roxanne: RamblesMature

I looked the woman up and down. Well, it was obvious she didn't like my salad. I could see right through her flimsy attempt at appreciating it. 

Tough shit lady, I hadn't even found my room or unpacked anything. Plus, I figured since the one bloke threw up, it was highly likely that everyone was a bit nauseous, so I'd chosen a light meal.

 But of course, nobody cares about the dumb kid who can cook do they?

I managed a smile, "Your most welcome,"

I couldn't help myself adding a touch of sarcasm there. I sauntered away back to the kitchen to clean the dishes and try and find my room - wherever the hell that was. Did I even have a room?

Whose idea was this anyway? I want to go home - sorry, I'm rambling again aren't I?

I pushed open the door leading to the kitchen from the lunch room, shaking my head to clear it. If I didn't talk to some of these people soon, I'd lose my mind. But that's the funny thing about me. I'm shy as a mouse and quiet as one too, but when I get to know you - look out because you'll never be able to shut me up.

The little kids back home used to call me Roxanne Rambles.

I felt my eyes water at the memory, my hands slipping around a soapy dish as I carried it to the dishwasher. 

Shit! It fell to the floor, breaking into little pieces.

I hope nobody heard that!



The End

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