Becky: LunchMature

I heard the lunch bell go off loudly in the corridor and grinned to myself - my stomach had been rumbling on and off for the past half hour and I was dying to finally eat something an, hopefully, get to know some of the people on the ship over a good meal. I wiped my hands on my overalls and packed my tools away into the cupboard which was cleverly disguised as a wall panel. I pulled the overalls off from over my normal clothes and walked back to my room with them hung over my arm.

I dropped them on my bed and grabbed a clean pair of gym shoes. I slipped them on quickly and ran down to the dining hall, where everyone was already seated. I bit my lip and sat down in an empty seat at the end of the table, trying not to draw too much attention to my apparent lateness. I made a mental note to be quicker to meals next time. I smiled around at the people seated and stared down at my plate, my stomach rumbling loudly and covering up my groan at the sight of salad. It wasn't that I disliked salad, but I was in the mood for something more filling.

I sighed and picked up my fork, spearing a tomato on the end of it and popping it into my mouth, silently hoping that there'd be some sort of pudding following the salad. I smiled appreciatively at the cook, who had chosen a nice dressing and had made a good effort, despite my initial disdain. "Thanks," I said, between mouthfuls, "It's really nice,"

The End

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