Roxanne: The KitchenMature

My GOD! The kitchen was terrible! The captain had left me the worst possible equipment she could find. The sinks were filthy, the pans were old and rusty, and there wasn't a single instant hydrater anywhere! I'd have to do everything from scratch - that was the only thing  I was happy about. I loved cooking from basic ingredients.

I flicked soap off my fingers from the sink. Good. That bit was clean at least. Glancing up at the clock, I noticed that it was almost noon.

I grinned, "Time for the first course aboard this ship,"

Rubbing my hands together, I contemplated my ingredients.

"Salad," I decided, ripping open a bag of lettuce..........




.........In a matter of minutes, I was done. I hit the buzzer to ring the bell for lunch.

"Bon apetit!"

The End

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