Brad: Completely LostMature

I woke up and I was relatively clean, something that surprised me. I started moving around, still a little unstable on my feet.

"Don't try running before you can walk." A voice from behind me muttered. The woman offered me a caring smile which I returned.

"Thanks." I muttered, leaving her behind in search of my quarters. I considered sleeping it off but knew that that was risky. Part of me wanted to work through it, go and investigate the ship and figure out what it was that I needed to sort out but my mind wasn't really working properly.

I turned down the third corridor that looked the same and was about to give up when I found my room. "At long last." I grumbled, pushing my way in. I stripped pretty quickly, clambering into a shower cubicle and dowsing myself with rather hot water.

I decided to pop over to the gym - I could do with a workout. I grabbed my lucky towel, thinking about my crewmates. So far, they'd all been women. That couldn't be right, could it? Was I the only bloke on this ship? Nah. I decided that it would probably be for the best if I wore a t-shirt, just to be on the safe side.

I wouldn't say that I'm especially attractive, but you know what women can be like. You can never be too careful.

I managed to get lost, again. I swore to myself, picking up the pace of my movements, almost running down the corridor. I ended up finding the leisure area in about ten minutes.

I wandered into the pool area, looking for the entrance to the gym. I had tried back in the corridor but wherever I looked, I couldn't see the way in. I tried the door on the far side but it took me in the completely opposite direction. Back by the pool, I scratched my head, wondering why the hell I couldn't figure out how to get in there.

I turned to see a young woman.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." I muttered, stepping back to the glass wall that separated me from the gym.

"Oh. Neither did I." She had a really beautiful voice - I smiled to myself, thinking that I could listen to her speak for quite a while. As I took another step back, the glass panel moved, letting me in. It had been there all along and I hadn't seen it. I swore under my breath. How embarrassing.

"I'm Brad." I said with a wave across the room.

"Sorrell." She replied as the glass door shut and I couldn't hear her anymore. I smiled at her before turning to the equipment. My smile got bigger.

The End

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