Roxanne: Lift OffMature

"You'll be fine," Lucy repeated.

Brad's eyes were rolling up inside of his head - not a pretty sight.

In moments his sick was all over the floor.

I shrieked as it touched the tips of my boots.

"Oh for heaven's sakes, grow a backbone will you?" Lucy grumbled.

I shook yellow-green droplets off my good work boots and ambled over to a

port-hole window. The last few clouds fell away to reveal the stunning  ebony of space dotted with a thousand pinpricks of light - stars. Somehow seeing them like this made it so much more real.

How in God's name did I get here? I was a nobody. A nothing - a cook from the edges of the garbage dumps.

And now I was leaving my only family behind. The only one I had left - my Father.

I screwed my eyes shut as tears threatened to spill down my face. I felt Lucy's eyes penetrating the back of my head.

"Right then!" I pivoted on one heel to face her.

"Take me to your kitchen!"

Lucy narrowed her eyes.

"Captain. Ma'am." I stammered.

"Yes..." She let the word hang as she beckoned me on through the hall.

The metal floor clanged beneath my heavy boots.

"Nice ship you've got here..." I attempted, trying to break the ice.

I was answered by a grunt.

Swallowing, I decided to keep my mouth shut......


The End

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