Waking up

The song reasonates in your ear.  It causes you to open your eyes, to shut the noise off.  However it causes you to reach out and spill that glass of water you left behind to take your meds all over you and the pillow.  Drenching your partner and you.

You open your eyes, await the scream from you partner as she to awakens from the dream. She glares at you, and snarls,"You!"

To which you respond."Well, you asked to get up with me.  Did you not?"

"You. You!"

"You are a you, you.  I am a me.  Me!" I declare as she throws a pillow at me, it gets me in the head. this an act of war. I declare, throwing the drenched pillow  at her.\

She shrieks. Storms off of the bed, to get her cloths on and realizes Its six thirty in the morning. She looks at me as though I must have lost my mind, or it has been addled. One or the other. Saying, "No one in their righht mind has to get up at this hour anytime of day or night. But you?"

To which I say, You are a you and I am a me! I have to get a goat herding license.  To have you here.|

"What do you mean, by that.  And I know, I am a you?"

"Simple, I can not have ewe in my apartment without one can.  Also I have to brand you?"

"BRand me.  What do you mean, Brand me."

"Just what I said, so one steals you. I do not want yopu breeding with the neighbours, do I?"

  "See here?"

   "Well do I?"

 "If I want too..." than she stops right there, looks at me and sees a smile on my mug.

I crack up and laugh happily. "Got you?"

The End

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