Jinnie's Episode

Using The Three Act Structure and The Hero's Journey to create a Video Game Story Pitch

Act 1- Beginning:

(The hero starts in the real world the audience can relate to.)

 It’s a normal cold day in London where the roads are busy and the streets are noisy. You start as a girl called Jinnie who is on the way to the park. On the way to the park she crosses the road but a very tragic incident happens where a car knocks her up into the air.


As Jinnie is in the air time slows down, within seconds there are ambulance sirens and familiar screams. Suddenly everything goes black as Jinnie is falling into a pool of darkness she sees the light disappear in front of her eyes. She’swrapped in a comma, causing amnesia.

(Then the hero is called to adventure.)

Jinnie wakes up in unusual scenery, there are strange clouds in the sky glowing red and purple and floating black rocky platforms. Lightning strikes once, this gives Jinnie the urge to look down at herself. She notices she’s in sheer combat outfit (consisting of tight fitted shorts with a veil flowing from behind and a corset.) Lightning strikes again and it makes Jinnie look towards a platform up ahead. There is a bright red glow coming from this platform, this draws Jinnie into it. (However the hero having an ordinary life is overwhelmed and refuses the call to adventure.) However she questions where she is and what’s going on, if it’s a dream or if she’s dead. In panic Jinnie runs to a different platform which fades into the darkness and weakens Jinnie.


(Moving on the hero receives help from a mentor who provides the equipment needed in order to complete the journey.)

A hand reaches down to Jinnie; meekly Jinnie takes the hand and they blink into an elven looking temple. A seductive looking female elf stands in front of Jinnie, holding a box. Inside the box contains a metal whip as sharp as a katana, a little urn and zip lock. The elf introduces herself as Lilith Bloom, a dark elf from the north who will aid Jinnie through her quest to regain the truth inside.


Lilith shows Jinnie a scroll that shows her the beasts she must conquer in order to regain her memories, the little urn will capture the souls of the beasts and give Jinnie will and reenergise her sanity so she will become more powerful in order to defeat the final beast that will show her the truth.


Act 2 – Confrontation

(Now the hero is ready to start their journey where the cross over to the supernatural world.)

Jinnie chooses to journey on, leaving the hellish platforms otherwise known as the in-between. They follow the path to the gates of truth of despair. Lilith stays with Jinnie throughout the journey and gives advice on what to do at certain points.

(The hero then undergoes challenges by defeating enemies with the assistance of allies.)

The first beast they face is in a Rocky domain where lava pours from the hills down to a pool for the beast to replenish his strength. In order to defeat the Rocky beast called Mesmeria, Jinnie uses her little urn to manipulate elements so she can vacuum up the lava from the pool and connect her soul to the urn and her body. With swift moves Jinnie uses her lava charged whip she aims for the heart of the rocky beast, its weak spot. Mesmeria falls apart screeching and yelping, all that’s left is a white soul murmuring a clue to the truth. At this moment Jinnie is so frightened Lilith holds her hands on the urn which vacuums the soul. Instantly, Jinnie was lifted into the air, her eyes glowed red then followed the rest of her body.


The first beast had been captured; Lilith congratulates Jinnie with an amulet that can act as a map because the next place their headed is like a labyrinth.


(After this the real challenge comes along, where the hero and his allies have prepare for the final frontier.)

Jinnie and Lilith take a short break in which Lilith asks Jinnie about what she remembers about her real life but the topic is dropped quickly because Jinnie has no remembrance of her real life. During this time, Jinnie wonders who Lilith really is and questions her existence. Lilith shows her empathetic side and holds Jinnie’s hands once more in which she tells her she is Jinnie’s former self from a different life. At this moment Jinnie feels a sense of love and warmth within her which makes her break down. Her courage is boosted; she stands up and makes a battle cry.


Night passes and a new day is born, Jinnie and Lilith set forth for the biggest challenge she has to face. They venture north to the glaciers and hike up the mountains, where a peculiar volcano stood. The journey was very tiring, Jinnie nearly collapsed down the mountain. However the entity she trapped inside her urn told her to keep her head together for the final challenge.


Finally they reached the highest parts of the glacier. A magnificent ice castle stood in front of them. Jinnie took a deep breath, held her head high and proceeded onto the final beast. When they finally reached the beast, he introduced himself as Proxidia and asked what they were doing in his lair and was surprisingly very civil towards them. However his nice act dropped quickly after he was provoked. At once they started their duel; the beast of ice was broadly built with muscles that enable him to make cunning attacks. However running on instinct Jinnie was able to block and dodge his attacks.


(Of course there is a struggle but the hero triumphs and is reborn, receiving a reward.)

Unfortunately, the deadly ice beast caught Jinnie and smashed her against the walls of ice. He could also manipulate elements but only water. As Jinnie was in the air, Proxidia made the wall into spikes. Jinnie hit the wall, the spikes pierced through her back but the blow was so strong she smashed through the wall and was knocked onto a lower level of Proxidia’s Ice lair. It was intensely tragic; Jinnie lay still on the floor as if she was dead. Lilith was so shocked she screamed and ran tripping over by Jinnie’s side.


Proxidia had no sympathy for Jinnie, he walked over to her about to finish her off but Lilith screamed till her lungs were in pain. One last blow and Jinnie would have died and swallowed into the darkness where she would never regain her memories.


Time slowed down in this instance as the ice beast unsheathed his reaping blade and held it against his head to finish her off. Jinnie was still not moving, all though faint panicked screaming echoed into Jinnie’s soul waking her up promptly. She rolled out of the way of the blade, which shocked Proxidia. Quickly she jumped up into the air and slashed off Proxidia’s head. There was no time for yelling it was over in a flash.


Act 3 – Resolution

The time for the truth to be revealed had come. Lilith watched from the floor on the side as the soul of Proxidia was vacuumed into the urn. Like a bomb, the urn exploded and lifted Jinnie into the air once more making all her limbs stretch out to the light. The truth was coming. Many memories rushed back of her childhood until the day she was hit by the car that put her in a comma. The truth was now clear; in a white room Lilith walked to Jinnie and lifted her hands up. She started saying everything backwards, confusing Jinnie once more.


(The hero must make sure the reward comes back safely but on the way a sacrifice is made for the hero’s rebirth to get the treasure back.)

Lilith didn’t want to lose Jinnie, in order to do this she wanted her to be lost without her memories for ever. The area transformed quickly into the haven that Jinnie first woke up in, the hell looking place. Jinnie was traumatised and in a state of panic however she couldn’t bring herself to make any expressions until she snapped and unsheathed her whip. Lilith and Jinnie brawled, with insanity Lilith showed her true evil and twisted side. She giggled and screamed at Jinnie, saying she was hers forever.


(The hero manages to come home safely with the treasure.)

In the end Jinnie used her courage and the truth to keep her sane, and talked her way out of the darkness. Realisation made Lilith disappear.


After 2 years Jinnie woke up from her comma, the first thing she saw were her feet then her mother’s eyes tearing.

The End

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