Problems with my social life (not that I have much of one anyway....)

Can't you see that I'm dying?

You tell me all about your life and really, I'm honoured to be your confidant, but can't you see the love in my eyes, the added spring in my step whenever you're around me? I may be just a friend to you, but you are my life, my very soul, and when you tell me about your 'beautiful' girlfriend I can't help but endure the sharp pains in my heart, because I want to be the one you talk about, the one you adore. Yet, I don't want to spoil your life, as well as that of your beloved.

And now I'm so confused, I'm typing out sentences that I know have no meaning, that are as jumbled as my feelings are right now. All I know is that I have to take this huge weight off my chest, before it builds up to such heights that I fall down under its weight. Oh, I just want you to see into the depths of my heart, and know what I've been unable to tell you myself, just for your own good, that I love you, the first, the only person I've ever loved, and I want you to know the pain you're giving me each and every time I talk to you, just because I know I can't have you. Please, stop torturing me like this.

The End

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