As he put his hands on my waist I felt confused, my heart rate quickening dramatically and pounding like a drum in my ears. I held a secret wish that he couldn’t hear it, but still I flushed at our closeness. Words asking him what he was doing stuck in my throat like peanut butter. I stiffened as he placed his lips on mine--he continued with a soft passion that was exciting. On one hand, it didn’t feel right, but on the other hand, it felt perfectly thrilling and inside I felt wonderfully released.

Carefully, I reached up and put my arm around his neck. The intensity of his kiss increased, reacting to my slight advance. Instantly I was lost in it, reaching up to kiss back further. I was caught in a dreamy, passionate bliss, wonderstruck.

The few female passerby who had their eye on him moved on, but otherwise, I was oblivious of all of what was going on. I let myself go--I was caged, bottled up, locked away by my own doings, the agony of my own heart, but now I felt free. I relaxed into him, I drowned in him, I relished his embrace.

Who was he? What was I doing? No such insolent, pesky thoughts entered my mind. I was careless, reckless, but I didn’t care any longer. Always had I been the one to hold back, to question, to be sensible. My heart was racing at an incredible rate. His hands traced up my back and my fingers through his hair, mussing it. We fit together in a strangely perfect way.

He pulled back slightly, his face still close to mine. He smiled. I was breathing heavily just as I was this morning as I sprinted, my adrenaline running high. Loue gently stroked my hair, combing and twirling the silky strands with his fingers. Smiling back, I traced over his lips with my own.

“You are the most beautiful woman….,” he whispered, his eyes looking over my face.

Reaching up, I replied wordlessly, kissing him once more. My heart once more entered the lovely bliss which seemed to numb all the pain of the past. My heart still felt amazingly high and light even as he pulled away only a moment later, his arms around me and mine around him.

"You're really good at kissing," I breathed, half smiling. I was enchanted, I felt partways helpless.

Loue laughed lightly, playing with my hair again. " want to keep walking or...?"

No, not really, I thought to myself. But I nodded briskly, grinning. Slipping his hand in mine, I felt strangely perky, like I had experienced my first kiss all over again.

The End

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