"Nothing" Susanna muttered quickly blushing. She looked up at me pushing back a strand of her lovely gorgeous dark brown hair. She finally seemed to take in my outfit and when her eyes came to the undone buttons of my shirt her cheek blush the brightest I've seen them so far. I laugh and reach out to pass a thumb over her cheek.

"You look beautiful when you're blushing" I whisper. Something in me wants me to lean in and kiss her. Press my lips to her soft full red ones. But I ignore it and step back. "Would you join me for breakfast? I'll be paying"

She takes a deep breath and I realise she's trying to calm down her racing pulse. "I would love to" She whispers, smiling at me. I smile back and offer my hand. She looks at it then me before slowly placing her hand in my. I take it in a firm grip then turn heading in the direction of the cafe I passed on the way to find her.


As we walked through the street several of the french girls we passed giggled an pointed at me. Even a few dared to give me flirty looks. I sighed heavily and looked at Susanna to see her doing no better. Since we'd set off from the hotel her mood had seemed to deflate. I felt bad. I mean it was my fault.

I stopped and placed both my hands either side on Susanna's waist to stop her as well and cause her to face me. She seemed slightly confused at first but as I leaned down and pressed my lips on hers she tensed. At first this made me worry, wondering if I'd done the wrong thing.

Sure the french girls who'd been pointing and flirting at me had stopped and walked off annoyed but Susanna wouldn't relax..... at first. With hesitation I felt her arm slowly go around my neck. Even with her height she had to go slightly up on her tiptoes to push her lips to mine better. I felt estatic, thrilled. The beautiful women had excepted me. Had relaxed into the kiss that brought to me so much pleasure and happiness.

The End

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