Forget Him!

I caught Amanda at the bar. She had certainly more than the promised one drink; dancing with a different guy than I had seen her last. After exchanging their numbers with each other, I drew her away and led her back to the hotel, my mind lingering on how I had met Loue, though I said nothing to her.

She pretty much passed out on the couch, and I crept into bed, flicking off the light. I stared into the darkness, sighing as I thought of what transpired. All of it. The past days did indeed seem like some sort of weird dream which I was just going to wake up from at some point.


The next morning I woke with the sun. I laid in bed for a while, like the past mornings, wondering if all what had happened was true. And it was. I was in France. On what was supposed to be my Honeymoon. HE had left me.

But unusually, I didn’t feel depressed this morning. I felt angry. Furious. Forget him! He won’t ruin my life! He can’t ruin my life! I have one--I survived without him and I can certainly now.

With my burst of new feelings I tore through my luggage and tossed out some work-out clothes, jamming my headphones in my ears and playing the music as loud as possible. Briskly I walked to the small gym, getting on the treadmill and sprinting as fast as I could. Adrenaline of feeling pulsed through me, and I felt obliged to completely run my brains out. I felt like a maniac. And it felt awesome.

My knees were about to give out by the time I finally decided to quit, panting and greased with sweat as I made my way back to the room. I held my breath as I crept into the hotel room again, Amanda still sprawled on the couch with her mouth hung open. I smiled slightly, tip-toeing back to the bathroom to get in the shower.

The cool water against the heat of my skin made me shiver, but it also felt delightful. I quickly scrubbed some soap in my hair and across my limbs, washing the stench away. I wrapped the towel around my body and went to the counter, blowing my hair dry and starting on my make-up. I wasn’t going to cry today. That was for certain.

Forget him! Forget him! I continually kept pounding in my head. It was a jubilant anger of sorts. Arranging my hair and putting the finishing touch on my lipstick, I scuttled out to my things again. Maybe I would see Loue again, I thought to myself. I yanked out a floral, swishy skirt that reminded me of a colorful summer dress, and a red spaghetti strap shirt to match some of the print roses across the skirt. I slipped on a pair of red high heels and looked in the full-length mirror, my hair loose and carefree.

I deflated. I looked like someone else, like my inside didn’t match my out. I looked too happy and…..normal.

“Forget the dirt bag! Be yourself! Maybe you’ll see Loue this morning,” the voice in the back of my mind said, though the other side of me doubted that I would ever see him again. That he probably thought I was some mentally unstable women, that once he didn’t get very far with, he would move on and try another. I bit my lip and tossed aside both bickering sides, eating away at my mind. I was going for a walk, no matter what I was wearing.


I strolled through the farmer’s market, tasting cheeses and little French breakfast foods, buying little things as I went along. I didn’t speak French at all, but managed somehow. I was, amazingly, enjoying myself.

By the time I was finished, with some bags at my arms, I figured I should check to see if Amanda was awake yet. It was getting pretty late, and I was even surprising myself that I was looking forward to touring and seeing more of Paris.

I smiled at the doorman as he pulled open the door, giving the only word perhaps I knew in French, “Bonjour!” Though I paused halfway through, seeing across the fine front foyer was Loue, standing at the front desk talking with the man on the other side of the desk.

“I am sorry,” I heard the man say in his thick accent. “I believe she is out, or she is still sleeping. No one answered the phone.”

“Oh,” Loue said, looking half-disappointed, as far as I could see from the back.

“You could come back and check later, perhaps?”

“Alright,” he replied. “Thank you, Sir.”

My breath catching, I turned and exited the door before he could see. I was unsure why, but I hurried down the steps and waited, looking preoccupied by shuffling through my shopping bags. It was not long before Loue shuffled out, not noticing me as he turned and began walking down the street in the opposite direction.

“Loue?” I called, straightening and saying it loud enough so that he could hear. He turned and faced me. Instantly, I began to blush as he scanned me, but even harder as I realized he held a flower in his hand. For me?

“Susanna, hi,” he smiled, walking over to me. “You look….,” he glanced me over again, appearing somewhat awestruck. “…beautiful.”

“Oh,” I looked down at my outfit, trying to hide my further flush of cheeks. “Thank you.” You look pretty amazing yourself, I thought to myself.

There was a slight pause, and I shifted awkwardly on my heels. “This…is for you,” Loue offered me the bright red flower, a delicate, refined tulip. Gorgeous.

I smiled, instinctively sniffing it. “Thank you,” I said softly. I examined it for a moment and then looked back up at him. “It is…so nice to see you again.”

He grinned wider. “You didn’t think I would come?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but to my surprise Amanda came out from the Hotel doors. “Susanna! There you are; I thought you had gone to breakfast,” she called, coming to my side. Loue and I looked to her. I wasn’t surprised though how well she had cleaned herself up, though. Despite getting drunk the previous night, there was no obvious sight that she had done so, her hair and makeup perfect, her clothes neatly and most fashionably arranged, the only sign a slight grogginess to her eyes. She always had a way of looking better then me, or so I thought myself. Growing up, she was considered the better looking of us two and I knew it. She had always had a knack of dressing well.

Her eyes flicked between us two. “Did….I interrupt something?”

“Oh,” I snapped back to my normal self. “Loue, this is my sister, Amanda, and Amanda, this is Loue.”

“Lou-a?” Amanda said, exchanging a handshake with him. As he nodded, she gave me something of a playful look. “And where did you two meet?”

“Umm, last night. At the bar,” I said slowly.

“Oh?” a mischievous smile tugged at her lips. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm and turned to Loue. “Would you excuse us for a second?”

Amanda yanked me away. “What?” I inquired after her, though she did not speak until we were several yards away where Loue stood, looking at us wonderingly.

“Oh my, Suz,” Amanda giggled, still looking around me to glance at him. “He’s hot.”

“Don’t look, don’t look,” I hissed, forcing her to look back at me.

“You’ve got to admit, he is superb-looking,” she poked my arm excitedly.

“Shh!” I whispered, half smiling. “He could probably hear!”

She laughed, still gazing over my shoulder at him. “Go have breakfast with him! This is your opportunity to have fun.” She grinned from ear to ear. “If you won’t, I will.”

“Oh, Amanda!”

“Don’t ‘Amanda’ me!” she prodded at me. Amanda gave me a little push. “Come on, you don’t want to have him waiting!”

Half giggling to myself, we returned to him. “Well, I’m going to leave you two to yourselves,” Amanda said, her words saucy and making me blush slightly. “Have a nice morning. It was excellent to meet you, Loue.”

With that she left, giving me a little wink before nearly skipping off. As soon as she was out of ear-shot, Loue chuckled, “What was that all about?”

The End

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