The Night before the day


"Goodnight" I whisper. I watch her as she walks away. It pains me so deeply that I don't understand the pure aching of my soul. To just watch her walk away from my presence.... Not looking back. I sigh heavily.

Then I look down at my arm and smile. Her handwriting was slightly messy but glided across my skin. "I will see you tomorrow, Susanna Hughs" I whisper looking back up just able to see her beneath a street lamp. "Whether you're ready for a relationship or not" As I finish speaking she steps away from the reach of the street lamp and disapears into the inky blankness of the nights shadows.

I turn on my heels pushing my hands into my pockets and head back through the park. I walk in the direction of the rented stylish apartment having no need to go back to the pub. Not now after I've met her.


I stretch my limbs painfully as I wake up. The soft pounding in my head luckily isn't too strong from the fact I didn't stay long enough for it too be. I didn't stay long cause of Susanna.... What a beautiful name. It comes from my lips with a gentle flow.

I get to my feet and walk into the bathroom and have a shower. As I step out of the shower, after washing my body and hair quickly with soap and shampoo, I ruffled my midnight black hair grabbing a towel from the rank. I dry down and head back into the bedroom.

Out of my suitcase, lying open on the side dresser, I pull out a pair of slim black jeans and a checkered gray shirt. I pull the jeans on and button the shirt up leaving three buttons undone. I don't mind attracting attention and I'm going for a nice look.

I grab my phone from the side, a ipod touch, and check the time. If I go quickly I can catch Susanna before she heads to breakfast with her friend hopefully. I type in the address for the hotel having memorised it before wiping the ink from my arm with soap.

I smile as I head out picking up a single red tulip on my way there. Hopefully she'll like it.


The End

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