Bad Day?


Okay so I'm sitting in the bar. Several French girls have approached me but only one had been able to speak english and I couldn't be bothered speaking to any in their own language. I came for a break, I'll start on the love discovery tommorow. But it was then the most perfect sight sat down across the room.

I looked through the edge of my eye at her. Her friend was with her at first but by the second drink, the beautiful girl still on her first, the friend leaves dancing off with some french guy.

The beautiful girl watched her friend before coming over to the bar and slumping against the counter. I realised her hair was a dark lusturous brown, it was curly and was long enough to begin to travel down her back. Her body was tall and slim but had curves in all the right places. She ordered a shot and downed it in one causing me to raise my eyebrow. She pushed the glass away then ran her hand over  her face.

"Bad day?" I ask. She seemed to deflat slightly like me talking to her made her annoyed. This hurt slightly but I carried on with my easy charm.

The girl turned and looked at me her eyes widening. They were a deep sea blue but also as bright at the sky, loving but filled with pain and sadness. If it hadn't been for the fact I was starting to stare I would of spent enternity just looking into them. "I suppose you could say that... I'm meant to be on my honeymoon" She whispered not looking away from my face.

Her gaze traveled across my features almost daze like. "And you're not?" I ask leaning forward but leaning sideways to rest on the bar. The girl swallows seeming uncomfortable and nervous with the closeness but also drowning in the pleasure of it.

"No... I was left at the alter" She whispers. Its like with those words she snaps back to her senses. She begins to cry and puts a hand over her mouth beginning to turn away. The pain in her beautiful blue eyes is terrible and I find myself pulling her into my arms. Not with any motive, the only focus it to comfort her. To try to stop these light tears staining her cheek.

"Shh" I whisper and stroke her hair feeling the softness of it and how my fingers pass through and over it easily. Her head rest perfectly on my shoulder and my arms fit round her waist like they are meant to fit there. "Do you want to leave?" I ask gently.

"Yes.... I don't know your name?" She whispers as I let one of my arms remain on her waist as we make our way out.

"Loue" I say simply.

"Nice to meet you Loue... I'm Suzy"

The End

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