Evening In Paris

Susanna Hugh


Why I am here? What I am doing?

Amanda and I walked down the streets of Paris, the light beginning to slip from sky and darkness spread it's oppressive fingers over the horizon. The stars started to peer through the dusky grey sky, half lit with the lavender and pink horizon framing the golden head of the sun. The street lights were flicking on, and people were gathering in restaurants and bars, many walking arm and arm filling the air with chit-chat and laughter. Someone was playing a violin somewhere and a pretty voice was singing in French. The romantic architecture was all around, the handsome arched window panes and cobbled streets. There was a heavy floral scent in the air, resulting from the pots of flowers here and there as well as the woman coated in perfume, mixing with that of food and wine.

I paused, my catching a pair seated on a bench. One was a young woman and the other a young man, and both were delirious of their surrounds as they kissed. They didn't notice me, just standing there and watching. I could feel my heart moaning, longing. Amanda grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

"Come on, Suz, you've barely spoken a word or eaten a thing since we've been here. We are in Paris! Let's enjoy it!" She prodded at me. "Here, let's get a drink."

"No!" I protested. Getting drunk was the last thing I wanted to do, and I didn't do it often anyways. Mainly because I wasn't too fond of the taste, or the feeling you would get the next morning. 

"Just one!" Amanda tugged my arm, drawing me toward a moderately packed bar, people dancing and drinking to electric music as we got closer, the large French doors tossed open so every could hear the commotion. "Are you going to refuse to have any fun, and forever be a miserable wretch?"

Anger sparked in me. A miserable wretch?  "Yeah," I said sharply, retracting from her. "I'd rather do that than go off and slut around in there." I sighed, my voice softening. "I've already got a headache."

"It'll be fun! Only one drink, I swear, then we'll go back to the hotel," she playfully stepped forward. "Or I'll go by myself, and you can watch those two people make-out again if you want."

Oh, no--I wasn't going to let her go by herself. I gave in, following her into the bar.

It didn't take long before she was twirled off by some French guy, already having more than two drinks, as I slumped down by the bar-counter itself. I swallowed a shot in one gulp. Urgh. I pushed the empty glass away, running my hand over my face.

"Bad day?" came a man's voice beside me.

Oh, not now. What have you gotten me into, Amanda?


The End

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