It was five o'clock in the afternoon, the plane left in half an hour and were weren't even at the airport yet. Great start to an holiday! 

"Anne, if we don't get there on time, I'm blaming it on you!" My brother, Ben, shouted at me. I threw him a look. 

"You told me to be ready for half four. I was ready for half four wasn't I?" I snapped back at him. A sign flew past telling me that the airport was ten minutes away. 

"I said be at mine for half four. The taxi was at mine for half four, ready to leave." He shouted at me. He leant forward to the taxi driver. "Please, can you put a foot on it!" 

"Sorry mate, I can't go over the limit." He said back, apologetically. But the car gradually got a bit faster for us. "We'll be there in five minutes."

"No thanks to Anne!" Ben spat.

"Now, wait-"

"Stop." Claire, Ben's girlfriend, shouted. "Arguing about it, isn't going to get us there any faster is it?" I looked out the window and didn't answer her. Ben kept quiet too.

It was just like the old days. Like when we were around eleven and mam and dad would be taking us away. There would always be that 'going there' argument, a 'coming home' argument and then tons in between. It used to drive our parents mad. 

Now we were crazy enough to be doing the same, but without them. Only, Claire had took over there role. I shouldn't have agreed to come. I knew I'd regret it. But the idea of get away trip to France had attracted me. Paris, at that! 

"Look!" Claire suddenly shouted. "Were at the airport!" 

"What time is it?" I asked hurriedly. "On the dot?" 

Ben rummaged through his bag, and pulled out his phone. 

"Five, oh eight." He said. The taxi stopped, and we quickly hurried out. The taxi driver helped us take out our bags, and then we were running. Luckily there was no queue at the check in. It took us about five minutes and then we were going through security. 

"I think we might make it." I breathed, as I chucked my bag on the conveyor belt. I stepped through the beeping machine and gritted my teeth. I really didn't need an extra obstacle. I walked through without any disturbance. Claire was next. 

I heard an howl, and turned round to see my brother in the machine. It was beeping. I couldn't help it; I laughed. All the events had just piled up and somehow had set me off. Claire looked at me, and began giggling too. In seconds we were in stitches. 

"Oh ha, ha, ha." Ben shouted, sarcastically as the security man came over. 

"You left your belt on." He said to him, glancing at us two. 

"Yeah, Ben. Take your belt off." Claire spluttered, through laughing. I burst out into a new set of giggles. I couldn't breath. I actually had to bend over, holding my stomach.

"Stop, I think I'm going to wee me self." I managed to spit out.

"Come one, we need to run." Ben snapped, throwing us a look. I grabbed my bags, and then we legged it. 

"What gate is it again?" I asked. 

"Ten." Ben grunted. "Come on, faster!" 

"Last call, for gate ten." 

"QUICK!" I screamed. 

I could see it. I could see two women standing next to the entry way. They weren't looking at us. We weren't going to make it. 

"Hold on!" Ben shouted. The women looked up at us and smiled. 

"Cutting it short, aren't you guys." One of the women said, as we got closer. 

"Tell me about it." I sighed. We had made it. We were going to Paris! 

"Go on." They said as they looked at all of our passports. 

We ran down the tunnel  and I sighed with a sigh of relief as I stepped on the plane. 

"You and you are sat down there, on the left." The air hostess said taking Ben's and Claire's tickets. I handed her mine. "Your up there to the left." 

I looked at Ben and Claire. 

"Is there no way we can sit together?" I asked. The woman shook her head. 

"We'll see you later, sis." Ben told me, ruffling my  hair. Then they made their way to their seats, leaving me alone. It was always me that was alone. I was the one always left. 

I sat down in my seat and sighed. Oh, what I start to an holiday. 



The End

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