"Hey, Lou" Katie say wrapping her arms round my waist and pushing herself up to my right side. I moan rolling my eyes and looking away. I pull her arms gently off me and step away.

"Its Loue, Katie. You know I hate your pet nickname you have for me" I say before taking a long drink of the fosters the bargirl just placed in front of me. I wink at her and she blushes before rushing off.

"Okay, Lu-a. I don't understand how you can spell your name with an 'e' at the end when its pronouced with a 'a'" Katie sighs resting back against the bar. She sticks her chest out, showing off her large breasts which shes so proud of. I look further away to the side. Why can't she just leave me alone? And except she was just a quick one nighter.

"Because thats how its spelt and pronouced" I say moving away from the bar. Katie follows me and I spin round to face her. "I'm going to france"

She stops staring at me shock. Then she begins to stutter. I watch tapping my foot as I wait for the explosion or crying I knows about to happen. "But why? You didn't tell me. I thought I meant something to you. Don't you even care about my feelings?" She cries/yells. Then suddenly she begins bawling in front of me. I moan as people turn and look. I take her chin and tilt her face up.

"Katie, I'm sorry. But I told you before, you aint my type. You and Me won't work and never will" I say. Katie looks at me shocked then steps back. Her hand comes across my cheek with a loud crack and people stare even more. I turn my face back to look at Katie who glares at me.

She then spits in my face and marches out of the pub. The bargirl walks up to me handing me a tissue and some ice. "Thank you" I say politely pressing the ice to my cheek while wiping the spit off my face. She nods and rushes back off to the bar. I slump down into a booth and sigh heavily.

Might as well get drunk before I'm off tommorow. I shrug then gulp down the rest of my drink. As I head back to the bar I see the girl serving again. I smile. Might have a night with her as well.


I swear and jump out of the bed yanking on my boxers, jeans and shirt. I clean up most of her room. I then go back to the bargirl..... Rianna and lean down and kiss her cheek. "Thank you for a lovely night" I whisper then stand up and leave. I quickly catch a taxi back to my apartment. I get him to wait as I grab my bag then run back down.

"Can't believe I slept so much" I moan as I jump back in to the taxi. "Airport please" I say leaning forward to tell the driver. He nods and waits for me to lean back before setting of. I dump my duffel bag on the seat next to me and close my eyes leaning my head back.

Damn maybe I shouldn't have that last shot last night. I moan and rub my eye. "Rough night?" The driver ask. I nod then rest my head back again. He chuckles and I feel slightly annoyed.


"We are now landing in Paris, France" The intercom says again. I tune it out. Along with the little student girl next to me doing all but throwing herself at me. "You think we can meet up" She says again.

"I don't know" I say again. Luckily then we land and she stays silent. And I don't allow her to speak even when we're getting off. I make sure to lose her in the crowds. I mean I'm here to get a break and maybe even find the girl I can finally settle down with.

....Okay, maybe I'll end up having a few one night stands but who can blame me. I have the looks and I'm a guy. Besides its not like I use or do it against their will? So fair do's all round.

The End

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