January 21st, 2012Mature

The life of me!

So I have not journaled in a really long time. I feel disconnected from myself and from all reality. I have been in hiding for the last 3 months...avoiding everything and everyone that ever meant anything to me. I have finally picked up the pieces and I am moving forward from my demons that have been haunting me. I have been battling the great fight and I am going to conqueor. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with rapid cycling bi polar disorder and I am sick and tired of keeping everything bottled up inside. During my manic episodes I would stay up all night long with a chilled bottle of wine and write my heart out. Fantasy, romance, horror..ANYTHING. Now My brain has been restrained by medication. My imagination is not the same. I live on idol every single day. My passion is to write and I want to try my hardest to dedicate as much time as i can to it.

The End

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