Dear diary,

Today I was interrogated by the police once more. They keep askin' me about teh accident. They keep telling me there was a stop sign. They keep telling me I could have killed them.

I keep telling m'self it wasn't that bad. I think twas what I told 'em, too.

I heard teh girls're ok. I'm glad. I didn't see 'em with all teh rain. I didn't see teh "stop sign" all them police men talk 'bout with all that rain, neither. But I stopped that boy in time. My truck. I know I did. Barely touched 'em.

I'm not going to jail. I'm a good country man, and I told 'em that. It wasn't that bad. They're ok. God rest my soul cuz I know they're ok. Ain't they?

Ain't I a good country man? I sure am! Didn't I stop in time? I sure did!

- Dillen

The End

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