So, Diary

Jan 10th.

So diary,

To be honest, you're the only link that IU have with that world, the world I stepped out of. Humanity. Graceless humanity, what a species. To think I would have brought you here. Aye, it's not far from that world, but far enough. I hear them sometimes, you know. The cars, sometimes a plane will fly overhead. I mean, jeez, I'm not exactly on a different planet here.

Day one of a diary, day God knows how long of living here. It's nice. Pleasant, some might say... Yet I do miss her. Her, my wife, i haven't seen her since long before I stepped out. He took care of that. But though i find myself wondering sometimes, reality crashes back. I'm here now. And nothing is going to change that. I can wish for her all i want, dream of her every night... But I've stepped away. Never again will i see infectious humanity, never again. I've stepped away, Diary, and you're all i've got.


The End

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