January 10

A day that never happened, as written about in the diary of everybody and their dog.

Dear Diary,

My elbow still burns. I can't scratch it through the cast, but I keep forgetting that and trying.

It's frustrating just being stuck here. They won't even tell me how Ellen is, won't let me see her. They won't even let people see me - just Mum, and I made the nurse send her away when she tried to smother me with kisses. It's not like I'm dying. There's a chunk missing from my elbow and I broke my leg, so what? It's not like the first time I've had a near-death experience. I'm practically used to them. Skating does that.

So now Mum's outside on the phone, trying to get the police to catch the guy that did this. I can hear her from here. Give it up already, Mum. They have better things to do with their time than chase petty criminals. Nobody died. Nobody even got majorly hurt.

But she's convinced we both could have been killed, and I'm apparently too ill to argue. So whatever.

I wish David was here.


The End

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