A short-story - based on real-life events.

"Yeah, sure! I'll go on msn," said her friend. Viki was really excited that she would be able to communicate with her friend over the weekend, perhaps they would share music and go a bit crazy over the 30-second previews of Lostprophets' new album!

Viki knew her friend would not be on Friday, but the next day, when she saw that her friend was writing on Protagonize, she knew that her friend was obviously online, and it was only a matter of time until she would join Viki on their conversation adventures...

Viki waited. She listened to Lostprophets and cried a bit (at how perfect they are, not about her friend.)

Viki waited even more. She listened to You Me at Six's new song, knowing that if her friend would join her, they could freak out together...

Viki waited so long that she could not take it any more she leapt out of her seat and defied gravity and flew to the Eiffel Tower where suddenly gravity took a hold of her again so she jumped off the top of it but somehow landed in the sea where she would spend the rest of her life living with a colony of whales where they would moan about everything and get turned into tuna. One day, Viki's brother would eat her in a sandwich.


The End

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