Jacob: Two day's pay

Archer was being impatient, which isn't a good trait for private investigator. We aren't the police. It seems that I was going to have to beat that into his head. As private eyes, if we reacted too quickly, jumping to the next rung on the ladder, so to speak, we would have the police on our butts in no time.

"My associate is eager to get started," I told Mrs. Duncan. Then, I smiled. "There is one more thing I need from you, Mrs. Duncan. Well, two, actually. I need the first day's pay and a way to get a hold of you."

"Let's just say ... $250 since it is a half day. It will be $500 tomorrow."

She ended up giving me two days pay - or in this case, $750. "I won't be able to see you tomorrow. I will either come here tomorrow evening or the following day. Is that all right?"

"If neither of us are here, you can give the following day's pay to Bruce, the security guard for this floor. He will get it to me."


After Mrs. Duncan had left, I asked Archer, "So, who do you want to see first?"

"Let's go see Hanna," Archer replied, looking down at the piece of paper Mrs. Duncan had given him. She was even nice enough to provide the addresses. It seemed a little strange to me that she had those addresses on her. I wasn't certain if the feeling meant anything or not, so I didn't say anything to Archer. For all I knew, Mrs. Duncan was a super organized person, and keeping everyone's address on her at all times was par for the course.

"Your car or mine?" I asked.

The End

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