Archer: Let's go.

I raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Jacob. It was strange that he was hardly even considering an affair. To me, an affair was our best guess.

I was frustrated, but not frustrated enough to say anything. Not yet.

"Can you think of any possible reasons your husband would run? Have there been any threats?" Jacob asked.

She looked like she was trying hard to think, "No. No. I don't think so."

I squeezed the arm rest on my chair as the frustration grew.

Jacob gave me a look that said, "Don't say anything."

But I did. "Did your husband work with any women?"

Mrs. Duncan looked like she was suddenly going to explode. "No! He did not!"

I smirked. "Did he have any female friends?"

"Yes. Of course he did. And I have male friends." she said in a as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Any that were his age or younger?" I asked, ignoring Jacob's motions for me to shut up.

"Yes, but you don't understand-"

"We need names."

"Okay, but I'm telling you that you're going in the wrong direction!"

"Then what direction should we go?" I asked.

She was silent.


"Fine. Hannah Rand, and Danielle Christine. Both of them are younger."

I looked over at Jacob, "Wanna go?"

Jacob gave me a look that just sighed. I smiled.

"Let's go."

The End

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