Archer: Kidnapped?

"Anything you can tell me he can hear." Jacob said.

I smiled at Mrs. Duncan, who seemed to be staring at me.

I looked around uncomfortably, waiting for her to keep talking.

"Mrs. Duncan?" Jacob said, leaning forward in his chair.

Mrs. Duncan snapped out of it, then began to speak, "My husband left for work like he usually did. Except, he didn't come home that night. I called his cell, but no one answered. The next day, I was getting worried. So I started calling around, but no one knew where he was. I called his cell one last time in frustration, and someone picked up. But then they immediately hung up."

I nodded slowly, using this information to decide whether or not the man was really kidnapped or not.

Jacob seemed to be doing the same thing. "Mrs. Duncan, has your husband made any bank withdrawals lately? Has he packed bags?"

Mrs. Duncan looked shocked, "You think my husband ran away?!"

"It's a possibility ma'am." I said bluntly.

She was angry, very angry. She stood up and looked straight into my eyes and said, "No. It's not. My husband is a good man! He'd never do that to me!"

"Calm down." Jacob said calmly.

"Has your husband ever disappeared before?"

Mrs. Duncan thought for a moment. She looked around uncomfortably then said, "Only once. But he answered his cell phone when I called!"

"Where did he go Mrs. Duncan?" Jacob asked, writing everything in a notebook.

"I don't know. He never told me, he said he went on a 'business trip' or something. But he told me no specifics."

"Has it ever occurred to you, Mrs. Duncan, that your husband may be having an affair?" I asked.

Mrs. Duncan looked shocked, "HOW DARE-"

"I apologize for my associate's rudeness." Jacob said, giving me a glare.

I shrugged then folded my hands in my lap.

Mrs. Duncan looked back at Jacob then said, "Mr. Carter, can you find my husband?"

Jacob smiled.


The End

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