Archer Houston

"Yeah." I sighed as I took a sip of coffee from my mug. "I get it mom."

I rolled my eyes and muted the phone for a moment as I picked up the stack of mail on my desk. I shuffled through it quickly, looking to see if I had any letters that weren't bills. I didn't.

I shrugged and tossed the letters off my desk and into a corner. I picked up my phone again and unmuted my mother. She was still talking, of course. I reluctantly put the phone to my ear and listened for a few more seconds.

"Well mom-" My voice faded as she cut me off, and she did it again.

"Mom I-"

I sighed. "Yeah, but mom-"

Finally, I got very frustrated. I was just about to yell when my phone beeped. I looked at it and saw there was an incoming phone call.

"Mom I have to go!" I said, ignoring her voice. "Bye!" I hung up happily and switched over to the other line.

"Archer Houston here," I said with a smile. Even if they can't see it, I've found it helpful to start every phone call with a smile.

"This is Jacob Carter."

The End

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