The fire

  Tynamulous awoke sweating.  He looked around, and he identified the place as his own and remembered the days events.  He shook his head and got up.  He shivered as his feet touched the metal floor.  The fireplace had gone out.  Ty threw some wood in it and went back to his desk.  He eyed his gauntlet, searching for any flaw he could have made.  He saw a few, but nothing preventing it from killing a few imperials.  He pulled on his coat and thought about what to do now.
I could finish my book.  But perhaps Apex has something I could help him with.
He searched his pockets finding the scap of cloth.  He closed his eyes.  The question was clear but the reply was hazy.  Ty started to feel like he knew where to go.  He put on his gauntlet and opened a portal to a street in the heart of town.  His mind seemed to lead him to the location.  While walking he could of sworn he had seen a girl on a hoverboard flying overhead.  He dismissed his thinking for a moment as he saw a destination ahead.  The trail ended here, at a burning building.

"Bloody brilliant."  He muttered.

Then he saw two other people who he reconized as Scathe and Djarina.  She must have been the one on the board he thought.  Scathe tapped the wall and it split apart.

"What the hell happened here?"  Ty said sounding frantic.

"Ah, so we have all arived.  I don't know what happened, but we are going enter.  Will you join?"  Scathe said.

"Of course!"  Ty replied.

"We should go then."  Djarina said.

Ty looked at the ominous hole and shrugged.

"Ladies first."  Ty smirked gesturing twoard the door.

The End

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