At Apex's Place

Scathe headed home and fell asleep, taking off his cloak and robe and letting sleep take him. However, when morning came, Scathe heard a commotion outside. Pulling his cloak over his head, he looked outside and cursed. The guards had found his hideout. He gritted his teeth and put on his robe. He needed to get out of there.

A knock came from the door. "Scathe Harmastier," the voice said, "you are under arrest for stealing confidential government property, and the deaths of multiple guards! Your sentence is execution, to be carried out immediat-"

Scathe slashed through the door and cut down the guard. He was NOT in the mood to indulge them. He looked down the hallway and saw that the other guard ran away (they always came in twos) to get backup. Scathe took the time to gather up his research and notes, deciding to leave his equipment and the books he stole behind (he was done with them anyway). Just as the guards entered through the door frame, Scathe phased into the shadows of his room and traveled past them. He exited out of the second floor window, and stuck to the shadows until he made sure he was far enough away.

Scathe phased out of the shadows and then sat down, thinking. "Now, what to do? I obviously can't go back... and it's not safe to carry this stuff around on the street. Where can I go?"

The answer came as soon as he asked. He got up and walked briskly towards Phil's place, only phasing into the darkness whenever a patrol crossed his path. Then, finally, he arrived at Phil's residence, which was on fire (which alarmed him) and saw Djarina standing outside, calling the name Phil gave her. "Apex!"

Scathe walked towards her. "Djarina... how are you?"

"Scathe," Djarina sighed, a relieved look on her face. "What are we going to do? "

Scathe looked up at the burning building, "Firstly, we need to make sure Apex isn't in there. I'd ask you to stay here, but I know you won't listen to that, so I want you to stick close." Scathe then tapped the wall and the bricks moved aside, revealing a secret entrance.

Djarina looked surprised. "How did you know that was-"

"I mapped out all the secret entrances to buildings in this city last year. Just in case I needed to get away from the guards... so when this is over we'll head to the next secret hideout I can think of." Scathe responded.

The End

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