Djarina: Just in time... Or not?

10 hours later, Djarina awoke. It was evening, and though feeling rather disorientated, she got up. 

The apartment was empty. There was a note, scribbled on a piece of cardboard, placed against a clean bowl with a spoon in it.

"Going too a park, brung mother. Shoping is putt away, eet as much as you like, there is plenty thanks too you. Love you, Areah."

Djarina looked around; the table was clean, the floor was clear, the curtains pulled back.

"You make me proud. D" Djarina wrote her reply under Areah's messy note. She grabbed some cereal from a cupboard, after looking through all of them, grinning to herself at how full they were. 

As she ate, she plucked the square of orange fabric from a pocket, and examined it. It seemed pretty normal, she held it up to the light and found no difference to other material. Feeling rather foolish, she glanced around, and then asked it quietly where Apex was. 

At first nothing happened, then slowly she felt a weak pulsing in one side of her head. She recognised immediately that it was telling her where he was, even though no words were spoken. It was like the knowledge of where he was in relation to her just became innate information.

She washed her bowl, after having seconds, and although she had not planned on going to see him right away, she was unable to ignore the insistent pulsing in her head. Her hoverboard was waiting, and just seeing it put her in a good mood. Using it was one of the things she loved.

She slid down the building, leaning forward, the tail of the board nearly touching the wall and the rest of it angled upwards. She gathered speed, and then when she was nearly at the bottom, she swung the lower half of her body forward. The board followed, and they pushed away from the building. The momentum carried her forward, she crouched down, grabbed the edges of the board and pulled it up while leaning her body back. The board swung around fully. A perfect loop.

She yelled with joy, and saw people looking up at her, with admiration and jealousy, as she sped along. She waved and smiled, for one moment not holding herself back with suspicion. 

But then the pulsing of Phill's location became more urgent, she thought she must be getting closer or something. She had unconsciously been following it. She continued on in the same direction, keeping quite close to the ground.

She smelled smoke and, looking to the left, she saw it, rising up into the sky. It came from a building which didn't look very conspicuous, but she knew instantly that it was where Apex was. 

As she got closer to it she looked around for the others... They had to be there! She didn't know what to do on her own..

The End

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