Phill Valier

Phill murmured a word of code a wall which broke apart when he was done, this place was only known by him and his recently executed tutor. Inside was spiral staircase veering to the left. At the bottom was a bed to the right, and a round area full interesting artifacts, documents, beyond that was an old training ground that had been magically modified to be much bigger than the space it took. Not exactly a Nobles first place to chose, but Phill did not care. No one could find him here, even if they could locate him they could never come here. He was safe from the royal hunters, safe from his brother.

He laid on his bed, deciding his actions for tomorrow, he was going to make an appearance in the royal court, not a disruptive one, he was going to go in undetected, and hopefully if everything went to plan he will leave knowing what their next move is.  His next question is what about his new found friends. Scathe already knew his true identity. It would be a matter of time before Djarina found and told Ty. Would they care if he told him his secret. What if he told Velia, he would certainly be thrown out, and left for dead. At this current point anyways.

He wondered if his brother knew where he was, did they have a trace of him. Probably not, Phill had disappeared quickly leaving no trace of his movements for two months prior to his exile. Still his brother was not stupid he did know him well and with last nights incident that should get some attention towards him.  Phill knew eventually he would have to face Dine head to head, he would have to win. This bothered him but he stopped thinking about for there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. 

Phill hit the bed and fell asleep instantly, dreaming of a disastrous war taking place over top of Obsidia. Sky ships were firing strong energy bursts, People were screaming. The nobles and the king were fleeing, the people that needed to take responsibility for this mess, but it was the people who were suffering. Phill woke his ear ringing, someone had entered his underground hideout!

The End

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