The girl had diappeared off in the distance.  Tynamulous (full name) looked over to Scathe and started to speak.

"I'm afraid I must leave.  My gauntlet is ready for upgrades, and my alchemic solution should produce a excellent conductor to harness energy.  Good day."  He said with a bow.

"Bye."  Scathe replied looking at the newly aquired bag.

Ty placed his hands on the ground and began opening a portal to his lab.  He lifted up one hand and removed a copper wiring that when popped open, created a small circle.  There was a moment of silence until the ground burst open reavealing a blue gleaming dimention hole big enough for a man.

"Bridge the verses.  Cross the void.  Reach to the ends of the earth, let me return."  He recited.

He stuck his foot in to see if it was stable.  It was in acceptable perameters for human transport.  He stood up and leaned forward, he disapeared into the blue.  If there was no portal he would have been laying face down right now, but the bridge corrects such small problems such as direction.  And as soon as he was in, he came out on his vertical portal on the other side.  He stumbled in, and as gracfully as he could, crashed into a table.  He bolted upright and blinked.  He stood up and looked around in his metal lab.   It was a very dark grey lab.  It was located inside a large snowy clift around a mountain range.  There was blizzard outside, the place was freezing.  There was a good window to watch it in the lab if one got bored.  Ty pulled up a chair and lit his fireplace.  He then proceeded to a workbench, where a golden liquid substance lay.  He unlatched the gauntlet and placed it down.  He began his adjustments.  He added several necessary attachments since he was going to assist the revelutionaries.  These included a grapling using 500 lbs cable, a small detachable blade, and of course the new connector allowing him to decrease the cooldown time between spells.  He sat there for almost 2 hours building these things.  Outside the snow kept building up.  The wind sometimes shook the place.  Ty was so cold that he made a cup of tea.  He returned to his work and a spark from the cable wand up incredibly fast hit the cup and WOOSH!  It ignited.  Ty had not grabbed the Earl Grey that he wanted, but instead grabbed pheonix blood.

After toyling around and then making a fresh cup of tea, he felt like a good nap might help.  He went to his bed which was located in a corner of the lab.  With that, Ty closed his eyes and fell asleep in a couple minutes.  His dreams were mostly about jumping off tall things.  But he did ponder, before jumping off a massive stone pillar, what the others were up too.

The End

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