Who I Used To Be

Scathe parted ways with his allies and went down an alleyway. As he walked he thought back to the events that led to this point. He shook his head in frustration. "Why does it matter who I used to be? Where I have been does not matter, it is where I am going that holds meaning."

Then his mind flashed further back... to when he was a child... before he took the name 'Scathe Harmastier'. "I will never be that weak ever again."




His parents lying dead in front of him... no, not him... someone else... a foolish child wanting power, wanting knowledge... which took him into dangerous territory. The being the child summoned from the nether granted him the power and knowledge that he wanted... and took everything he held dear as payment... his parents, his brothers and sisters... his sweetheart... his sweet, sweet Kailyn...

In an act of sorrow, the child grabbed a nearby knife and attacked his face, because he couldn't bear to look at it as it was anymore... all he saw was the deaths of his entire village... and he could not stand it anymore. How the new face turned out not even he knew... The child lost more than the village, his family, and his sweetheart.

He lost his identity.


Scathe shook his head. "I am not that stupid child... I am Scathe Harmastier... and I will feel much better after a good night's sleep."

The End

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