Djarina: Splitting up

Djarina watched Phill depart, and turned to look at her remaining companions. 

"Well I'm going to go home as well, and drop this money somewhere safe, so I'll see you soon, I guess." She said.

"Will we also just head off then?" Ty asked.

"I suppose so, I don't really know what we're meant to be doing but I could definitely do with a rest after all that." 

Djarina then noticed that she still had the bag of documents they had stolen. After all the commotion, Phill must have forgotten about the reason they had come in the first place. She couldn't blame him, she was wrecked.

Seeing her looking at the bag, Scathe realized what she was holding.

"Djarina, I will take the bag from you if you want, I will be able to guard it properly while you rest."

Djarina was sure he had some ulterior motive, but surely he would have been able to take the papers himself if he had wanted them, so she gave in and handed the bag over.

"Thanks," she mumbled, "I'm so tired."

"Goodbye, Djarina." Said Scathe.

"Farewell." Said Ty.

"We can keep in contact through Apex, right? Like, if we want to meet up?"

They nodded, and she took off in a slightly unsteady flight, leaving the two figures conversing below.

The light was just starting the spread over the city, birds were launching themselves from the roofs where they had slept, starting their day before the rest of the city. Before the rest of the Nobles, at least.

The ground below her was busier than a stranger might expect. There were homeless people huddled in doorways and Enforcers doing there rounds. Unfortunates who went around collecting rubbish and clearing up the city, trying to make it look presentable before inspection by the public, who didn't have time to care anyway. It was quiet, everyone was still trapped inside the bubble that sleep created around every individual. After the business of the night, there was a pause, a calm before the storm perhaps. In homes and houses, people were still plotting and big decisions were probably being made, but up in the cool air, fresh and clear before the business of the day polluted it, the whole world seemed clean and still. The sky was clear and lightening rapidly, the day promised to be a scorching hot one.

Djarina arrived at her crumbling building. There was a little balcony outside their apartment up on the 14th floor. It was crowded with a frame for drying clothes, a broken chair, and the usual debris that cluttered an unused space. 

She landed silently, crept inside on her toes. Her mother was asleep on the sofa, her auburn hair falling out of its bun. Her mouth was open, a faint snore emitted at regular intervals. Her hand twitched. A dirty throw partly covered her, and a bottle lay on the floor beside the sofa. 

Djarina was too tired to do anything, anything about the mess in the kitchen or the rubbish on the floor. She snuck into the room she shared with her sister, and lovingly brushed her with a caring glance. She pulled off her shoes, tucked the piece of orange fabric under her pillow, and collapsed onto the bed. The curtain was drawn and she instantly fell into a fully clothed, deep and satisfying sleep, without sparing a moment to wonder what Phill, Scathe and their new companion Ty, were doing.

If only she knew.

The End

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